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Hey Grifters,

Today's build is just a couple of fixes. Looking forward to next week's release!


Over in debug-land, Smith's first day is now mostly playable, although there are only enough side quests such that you always see the same ones, and he has no events/oppos yet. I've got my task for the next week. :)


  •     Removed the +1 from Rant on the unupgraded version
  •     Reduced composure from Jargon by 1
  •     Reworked The Spider to grant Temporary Power after every 8th card played.
  •     Smith's Character Attack argument now shows where the composure is coming from
  •     Fix Offset applying bonus damage for buffs, not debuffs.
  •     Fixed bug where Drone's wouldn't surrender if their final sentient ally died/surrendered to non-card damage
  •     Fixed bug where the Grakit's Temper condition got triggered by non-player attacks


  •     Buying more graft slots pops the conversation back to hub, to prevent accidentally buying more graft slots than intended.
  •     Brawl graft drafts now use the GetGraftDraftDetails function so they can be affected by perks/mutators
  •     Fix crash with Premium Quality and brawl grafts.


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