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Hey Grifters,

This update enables Perks and Story mode! The UI for both is very much work-in-progress, but you should be able to try them both out. Have fun!


  • Perks are selectable at the start of a new game (UI is pretty temporary)
  • You no longer get legacies when losing a game (other than the ability to retry the day at p0)
  • Added story mode (it's a button on the new game screen - UI will improve soon). It's really easy, so you can just focus on the story.
  • Private Security: Fix not being able to negotiate for a free item if you've never viewed the wares prior.


  • Removed xp from assassins_mark
  • Charge Barrage: Now gains one extra attack per surge, and has previews for its bonus attacks.
  • Remove unnecessary clause from unupgraded Cash Out.
  • Fixed typo in the flavour text for Keep Cool


  • New button style!
  • Fixed bug where you could always skip pack draft despite the roll_with_it mutator
  • Marking cards from locked characters as locked in the compendium


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First time I've died in Sal's campaign in a while! Max prestige, not sure if it's the changes to p0 that did me in, or if I am just not that used to the extra prestige levels added over the past month and got unlucky. I would say the new prestige levels should grant double xp bonus (i.e. +10% per prestige level), given they regroup 2-3 old prestige levels each.

One possible bug: I was doing the Spree quest where you have to steal a relic from an Admiralty caravan. I took it from the caravan, and when the Luminari caught up to me, I ran away from the fight. I see no reason why that should have failed the mission, since I did what Nadan wanted.

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