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- auntie selkie

unlike the mctusk family, she Travels in a caravan like igloo across the land sometimes visiting the mctusks for a short while. However if she is in a fight she will use the caravan like a clockwork rook charging into the enemies, if however she is outside of her caravan she will put up a fight using her knitting needles which can be earned and used to make improved hats that last longer, sweaters that can protect yourself from the cold or can be used to knit new pockets in a backpack.

- rockodiles 

these creatures hold still to install the illusion that they are boulders, once a creature is near by they will snap into action and pounce on the prey, They are usually located on the rocky biome near the ocean.

- turkey vulture

A slightly larger gizzard and a more hostile gobbler, the turkey vulture is a hoarder of both meat and berries and nothing will stop it from taking meat from drying racks and taking berries from ice boxes. If it were to be attacked by the player it’ll chase after them and throw the food they stole at the player

- seal eel

When winter hits they come, the seal eels come in packs and will go into cookie cutter’s salt formations and will feast upon them and will relax on the salt formations until spring. They are neutral creatures however if you mine the salt formations they are reclining on they will attack in anger

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7 hours ago, Owlrus98 said:

"6rd". Sixerd?! SERD?? SXRID?? SISARD?? I don't know how to pronounce that, I'm sorry!

Sorry my mind was somewhere else when I was writing that :D

Though if I had to pronounce that it would be sixerd 

2 hours ago, DaZoul said:

I would bet money that you pronounce it like that

Oh, and how much time do you spend thinking about these creatures? This question is for you, @Mr0idealistic

It depends on what variety of creature were talking about

if it’s the amalgamations of the insanity then those don’t take much time because they’re monsters from insanity they’re suppose to creep the player while dragging them down to they’re level, kinda like how jack from the shining was manipulated to kill his own family by ghosts from the past

if it’s the simple creatures like turkey vulture, flamengo and magpie then those take a bit of time because they’re hybrids and sub species they have different emotions and ways of surviving which kinda makes me feel bad when ever I have to kill a catcoon for meat

if it’s the creatures that lurk in the Ruins then that is a bit simple because the ruins is a forgotten city you can get away with manny ideas such as the ancient fuel catalyst (which is the picture being shown below) a alternate version or choice of the fuel weaver with a set of new voice lines 

or if its the creatures that have more intelligence like the crow crones then those take time because I’m searching through mythology and mixing myth with today’s creatures 

i hope that answered your questions :)

see you in the 7rd concept


Thank you for bringing up this question @DaZoul

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