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  1. Thank you maxwell for your high depth analysis in everything After reading the dialogue from Maxwell's examinations around the archives, i/we know a good gold nuggets worth of knowledge about the ancients and some other beings -Clockworks When Maxwell examines a fountain of knowledge (aka the toilet of knowledge) maxwell would rep lie "always wondered where those parts came" which means that Maxwell assembled a fountain of knowledge wrong and has made a bishop. Now one can say that the other Clockworks are also assembled with the same materials but that would be hard to judge. -the kiln When Maxwell examines a ancient kiln he replies with "they didn't alway's lived off of the fuel" which would mean that some had consumed fuel which could mean the majority of the society's down fall was because of fuel poisoning and another thing a character said was "monsters bursting out of their body's" probably could mean that when the big downfall happened the nightmare monsters ripped themselves outside of the ancients body's (yeah getting a bit dark ay) - the strange portal and the unkown energy When examining the strangen portal down in the archives maxwell will reply (it couldn't be..) and seeing how you can't do anything else with both the portal and the energy could mean that Maxwell I fearing of what lies behind the portals seal and you know what I think.... there's a boss waiting in there and the only way to free it is by using the unkown energy (Maybe catalyst?) :side note: this portal looks like the same portals you would get around from the forge to the gorge with so maybe the scourge and the rest might be returning?: - everything else :except creatures and robots: Before the ancients came down to the caves they worshiped the moon which would explain the moon statues everywhere and why everything is powered by the moon, in fact how they got the moon stone was because a being gave it to them (unkown energy wink wink)
  2. While I'm thinking about this, here's a picture of a two headed cat named plopsy and chopsy
  3. A beastiary? As in a book for creatures and what's not
  4. And smarter then the rest, sounds.... dangerous
  5. I wonder what thing hides behind the scraps and trinkets....
  6. And so comes the return of the traitorous trader “Hey there pal, you look like a guy who could use some nice odds and ends. Maybe we could help each other, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”
  7. Hmmm... here’s a idea.... choose a creature from my past concepts and I’ll illustrate them (only writing this proposal because I’m lacking a creative input right now)
  8. Dunno... he looks like a pete Wonder what Wilson would look like with a hair cut Wonderful idea! Maybe they’ll bring back ecto-cooler