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  1. One of my all time favourite video game character despite his somewhat minor role The toymaker
  2. Sooo..... this is a whistle

    ..... cool


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    2. Mr0idealistic


      Apparently when you blow these whistles they emit a screaming noise


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      That sounds pretty cool. 

  3. She kinda does look like the collector from darkest dungeon
  4. It's a good start, he could use a downside though
  5. It probably wouldn’t be of Charlie nor maxwell, it would likely be of someone or likely something else. The function of the device might not be as similar as the “thing” but the construction of it would be as such, and I believe the celestial orb is just a piece of a very big puzzle.
  6. The fortune teller (full frame) "Your fate is nigh, you will be blown sky high"
  7. Back to dst concepting (need to give my brain a bream) Introducing the bogeyman
  8. The clowns origins "Entertainment has changed quite a bit, back then clowns were enjoyable but now they are of no fit. For now people feared them for their comedic way of life, they repressed them with phobic hate and strife. As years gone by and the clown tradition began to waste away, three was left on what they thought was their last day. Their smiles and cheery look began to fade as the minutes go by, until a stranger went by and said hi. The strange told them that there's manny yet to laugh and giggle, there clowning ways aren't over neither are they thread bare or fickle. With a lighten up smile and a ride around town, they are sure to put crazy in the word clown.
  9. The strong man's origins "He wasn't a performer or a Carney always, he was a family man who had peaceful days. However like Manny sad tales, war broke out and he waved his family bye as he drifts away on the train rails. The war became dreadfully long, until the war was over and finally gone. With a quick clean up and a brush with the comb, he joyfully marched back home. But in a short moment he collapsed in sadness with a tear, to find his family was no longer here. He then came to a realization that ended the gloom, for now his mind was in raged and became a reaping doom. Fires were started and his anger caused danger, all of the villagers ran but it stopped at one stranger. "Your the type of guy who I have been looking for you know, join my circus and you can deal with you know who." Without a care and full of spite, they made that deal within the night. He lives there in the tent cage all alone, thinking about his family and his home.
  10. The magicians origins "He had money to meet his ends, for the audience he had was not just a employer but a friend. One day entertainment began to change a new, it was a joy to some but it was a horrible end to the magician and a few. As he strolled through the night his life was in a depressing danger, until he met the mysterious stranger. "My good sir, you look down on your luck. I have a job for you if you want some true magic and a buck." Of course with a sealed deal he joined the circus and it's marry band, for he is the magician who casts insanity from his sleeved hand."