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  1. I just realise how broken that made him lol, so likely it should be at a discount of something. Btw he only repairs hat based items not armor.... that's for another character
  2. A part of me really wants to draw crownellius now, I love this concept but I have to say that the mecha-mascot suit might be a lil much
  3. - Wilder - :the hat maker: ”there is nothing that complements the head more then a hat” -perks = is a hatter by trade - able to make his own types of hats and is able to repair head gear items without tape or sewing kit = hates going hatless - no matter what, you cannot remove whatever wilder is wearing on his head however you can swap it with another hat. If his hat breaks and there is no other hat in his inventory, he will loose sanity at a great rate while the nightmares gain a damage boost but if he does find a hat to wear, all nightmares will disappear and his sanity will return just as if nothing has at all went wrong. = only takes power naps - whenever wilder falls asleep he will not sleep as long as the normal person but will sleep at a shorter rate, he will loose a great amount of hunger but for a greater deal of health. :the hat makers tab contents: = hatters-Hatty-hat - a basic and easy to make hat, purely acts as away to help with wilders hat problem. (Note: not able to be repaired) = reverse umbrella hat - not as grand as the eye-Brella but as a different unique purpose, this reversed version will be able to collect rain water and once it’s full you can then place it on a harvest spot and over time will water your plants. The hat can also catch frogs in the middle of frog rain, the catches frog will not harm the player but will be trapped in the hat until it is pulled out. (Note: not able to be repaired) = dreamy cap - wear this while sleeping and it will boost your regeneration, if you wear this in general your character will slowly go to sleep and then pass out. = Looney cap - flip your sanity upside down cause once you dawn this little cap, you will go fully insane and face the nightmares. (Note: if you wear this cap on lunar island, your loonacy will be reverse which will make you sane on the island) = undertakers hat - practically a metal detector for buried stuff, when you dawn this hat you will be able to see what buried spot has a treasure or not. = physicians hat - play doctor as your Able to heal people without any healing items, just walk up to them and mend them up (note: not able to be repaired) = scary hat - nothing will lay a finger or claw on you when your wearing this, most creatures will run away from you when your wearing this. = thinking cap - made only through the use of the pseudo science station, the thinking cap will allow the wearer to research or discover new crafting recipes for a hefty price of sanity and the durability of the hat. (Note: not able to be repaired) = hard hat - protect your numb skull from falling debris and take less damage from it :bonus info: - if wilder does go insane (by normal means) the nightmares deal half of the damage then usual. - he starts in the world with two hats, his hatters-hatty-hat and one random hat - favourite food is soothing tea And that was my character concept, any questions ?
  4. I think i found Woodie the lumber jack 


  5. I feel old my friends, i think my golden age is over.... :then the word story ark came to mind after reading the description from the last dst video: It never ends!!
  6. Mr temptation "Nothing like a nice, warm, comfortingly shady smile to welcome the customers"
  7. I would say it's more of a prison, you can see that the thing is connected by 5 chains of energy, It would have been connected by 6 but a piece fell off. It was indicated by Maxwell's observations that the moon is not our moon but "they're" moon which means that "they" made the moon and "they" had put whatever lives inside of it in it, and possibly the lunar beings had also did the same to the nightmare beings but Maxwell and the Codex happened and here we are.
  8. Ok.... I saw the recent trailer for dst return of them trailer and by golly I know this isn't the end quite yet. To get my point across im gonna point out what i saw * the tragic torch is a manipulator of lunar magic and allows the user to see what could not be seen by normal eyes * there is something inside of the moon that Charlie does not Want escaping * Charlie has been consuming lunar magic to gain knowledge, she and possibly waystaff knows whats in the moon * the moon isnt a real moon * wagstaff will likely not become a playable character and will later in the story likely die from his scientific hubris * season final is not the end of dst but the end of "return of them" * the forge and the gorge may not be returning (despite the fact that i regret missing out on them) but the scourge is coming * axiom visus is likely connected to Metheus
  9. Thank you very much, thinking of updating my icon soon to match the avatar
  10. I just realized what month this is and what i need to be doing. I must get working on those concepts! Btw I'm going to call it here and say the next character is wagstaff
  11. Not yet, though I do have a good idea how the cats body should be like
  12. I have another idea but till then.... I’m overdue, I’m in a rabbit stew no time to say hello, goodbye I’m late I’m late i’m late.