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What about Spyglasses in DST?

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I see that we are making ground for the bigger stuff in the Return of them,but spyglasses would be really nice, but idk how they would be implemented.
Spyglasses would really help in the seafaring stuff, mostly in locating the lunar islands or sea weeds,but if that's for better locating stuff in the sea, should we get them out of the sea?  Cuz it kinda loses the point if we have to explore the sea to get an item for better exploring it.
Deerclops eyeball maybe?a new mob? the tiger shark maybe? or nah?

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On 7/24/2020 at 11:04 PM, Pixil said:

As much as I love the funny creatures, skittersquids could be a possibility for recipe materials...

Why not just glass? You used bottles in SW to make spyglasses, we can use glass now instead.

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13 hours ago, Muzarello said:

Both are great suggestions, but it would change drops for the squids, or add a drop wich is not bad, so idk, the glass is nice, but you mean moon glass or the bottles from pearl?

Either I feel could work, tho bottles are also a currency in a sense.

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