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4th creature concept

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- uncle mctusk 

after you kill the “innocent” mctusk family another family member will appear in the next winter known as uncle mctusk. as the second winter begins and the mctusk’s appear instead of wondering around aimlessly they will now try to hunt you down while being led by uncle mctusk who is able to heal fellow allies with his smoking pipes fumes which can be obtained by the player 

- sea cow 

the cow of the sea that swims in packs are a neutral creature that can be milked while they’re asleep, however angering them will attack in a whole group

- spluboons 

a bit larger then they’re cousins the splumonkeys, the spluboons are a bit more needy and very territorial generally taking shiny stuff while bullying the splumonkeys however they will cower from nightmare splumonkeys. They also will attack other players if they hold something that shines but will run away when they see nightmare fuel or items made from the stuff.

- the fortune teller 

a machine that appears randomly and moves once a day when it’s not in the players sight, if you pay the fortune teller gold it will point at a random direction and tell what lies there but in riddles such as...

” riches are soon to be in your sight But the enemies there will surely cause a fight “

- garden snake

a planting pest that is attracted to wild crops and will eat them unless if a player is there to scare them away or if they have a scarecrow 

- vampire batilisk 

a more rare type In caves, the vampire batilisk has a infectious bite that can use to regain health and to also make the player weak, move less faster and swing less harder, the only way to cure this effect is by eating which will bring the player up to speed.


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54 minutes ago, Mr0idealistic said:

Thanks :)

i’ll Be expanding on his smoking pipe on future concepts


I imagine magical ritual, not for smoking, hum, juste for a magical blue smoke and call constant's spirits. They would fight with us, the Mctusk fog army. Creepy minions.

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20 hours ago, Mr0idealistic said:

uncle mctusk

Oh yeah! and a few winter's later it's time for Karen McTusk 


No offense to those who are named Karen, I do not wish to poke fun at you, I mean the stereotype


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