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Possible flaking bug?

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Hi guys, 

I decided to try the new version today.  I loaded up my old base, and I stumbled upon something weird... 


For some reason, my slickster pen started generating naphtha.  That setup worked for like, ever (in previous versions) without any issues. I know the flaking mechanics were updated, but I thought to start generating naphtha, the ambient gas would need to reach 160 degrees Celsius. The automation (which is right next to the aquatuner, is set to stop at 125 degrees.  While it goes slightly over that, I'm pretty sure it didn't go over 145. (Highest I've seen is 140). 

So,  any of you can give me some insight explaining why it does that or should I fill a bug report?

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1 hour ago, Mastermindx said:

some insight

I'll need a save to look into this. That value of Naptha would not result from flaking though, so I'm pretty sure it is not flaking. 

EDIT: It is flaking, from the crossover building/tile. See below for more details. 

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well... There's 10 kg there (The adjacent tile has 650g).  Reloading a previous save, there was only 5 kg total, so I guess it was 2 x 5 kg. And I thought I read flaking was 5 kg at a time so I thought it did fit...

And that's over the course of 10 cycle. So w/e is happening there doesn't happen often.  But if you really wanna take a look at it, here's the most recent save.

The Rocky Bunker Cycle 1242.zip

1 minute ago, 0xFADE said:

Do transit tubes have a melting temperature below the melting point of plastic?  If it was 90 or something that could explain it but it should have been happening before probably. 

Well,  as I said, it worked for ever in previous versions (400-600 cycles) without any issues.  And I believe it would be new to have a building melting at a temperature lower than it's main material.

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31 minutes ago, Mastermindx said:

There's 10 kg there

I'm pretty sure the culprit is the transit tube crossing.  @klei.ruby, you'll want to see this (and I'll submit a bug report). 


Double click on the tube crossing, and you'll find a Plastic layer.  That layer can and does flake.  It does not happen with regular tiles or doors anymore, but this crossing is an issue.  I bet the same thing can happen with conductive plates. Yep.


It also affects weight plates. 


I'm guessing that there is a tag on regular tiles and doors that prevents flaking, but this tag was not applied to other buildings that act as tiles as well. 

I created a bug report. 

@Mastermindx, I think the reason you see this now, and not before, is that the new temp-swap fix allows cells to more wildly change temperature.  All it takes is a single tick of the game for gas to enable flaking, and if the aquatuner turns on, and at the same time you get some slicksters emitting their payload, then you have several events which alter pressures. The new algorithm could easily transfer the heat (increasing in temp as you get lower pressure) to the right, resulting in your crossing dropping naptha.  You won't see the missing element if you click on the crossing, but if you click twice, then you'll see the "plastic" layer.  I'm guessing on save/load that this value resets, so you will never loose your entire crossing unless you play for too long (at which point it will vanish, and all your hot CO2 will spill out.

While you wait for a fix, I suggest you put a tempshift plate directly above the transit tube entrance, two tiles left of the crossing. That way it can even out any temperatures that get near the crossing.  

1 hour ago, Mastermindx said:

I stumbled upon something weird

This is my favorite thing to have happen. :)  

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I was going to say maybe the tube crossing since the liquid was on the side.  Then I thought it would have flaked on both sides, but that would probably only happen if the other side was also hot.

I was going off the logic of the very first material this was found happening with.  Which was insulated sedimentary rock that has a melting point of around 900c and is way less than the magma it turns in to.


I guess using a flag to solve it works but all they would have to do then is use the natural tile flag that likely already exists.

Though I bet door melting would happen with that again since they (at least used to) turn the door in to solid blocks behind the scenes for pathing and gas reasons.

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