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[Poll] On Fruits

im bad at titles  

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  1. 1. Do you think fruits should grow on their respective plants/trees instead of on farm plots?

  2. 2. If yes, why?

    • It's more realistic.
    • It would introduce depth and complexity in fruits in a way that changed up normal strats (Wicker Applied Hort spam) but still kept their reward value or even increased it.
    • It would add aesthetic value to fruits.
    • It would make fruits more useful than their current mediocrity.
    • Other (do mention why in the comments!)
    • I'm undecided
  3. 3. If no, why?

    • It's hard to code, draw new sprites for, and implement.
    • It would break existing meta strategies.
    • It would go against DST's aesthetic
    • It would not be executed well.
    • Fruits would probably remain mediocre anyways.
    • Other (do mention in the comments!)
    • I'm undecided
  4. 4. Which fruits IRL would you like added to DST?

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10 hours ago, Moonatik said:

We could have 2 fruits per season, on their own trees. And new recipes of course, pies only. Or stewed fruit and put them in jar to stay eatable longer.

Trees would be good enough for the visual. 3 steps, nothing, flowers, fruits.

YES!  Seasonal stuff!  I was just thinking how if you put in all the fruits and veggies I like into the game at the same time, it'd be too crowded and cluttery-looking, and there'd have to be worldgen settings to choose which ones you want...but that wouldn't be as much of a problem if they all grew _at different times_!  Whether the unpicked fruits from last season would stay on their plants, completely fresh forever until picked like berry bushes in DS/T do, fall off and start rotting, or just dry up into uselessness on the vine like in Harvest Moon/Stardew Valley, would be up to the devs (and then probably get tweaked with mods by PC players anyway). 

But, YEAH...!  In those farming games, certain seeds are only even AVAILABLE in the shops during their seasons, and once those seasons are up POOF.  Dead.  Those crops are last week's news; chop 'em down and plant sumpin' else! 


Also one of my personal nicknames for Don't Starve is already "H.P. Lovecraft's 'Harvest Moon'" (along with the much more famous/popular "Tim Burton's 'Minecraft'".  What is Harvest Moon, some of you may be asking? Think Stardew Valley but the franchise started like 20 years earlier.  Yes, really.)

And, this would be a step up over the mods that use these fruits (such as Birds and Berries, which is where the pineapples and regularapples come from in my game)--with those, they're just around all the time.  You start the game off with at least a few fruiting apple trees probably near the entrance, and Pickle It's ground veggies dun give a "crop" what season it is.  (The exception being the Cherry Forest mod, as those USED to still grow in winter and require chopping down of the tree to get the fruits, but now they go completely bare in winter and require just a few whacks with an axe gentle love-taps to get their fruity goodness, if it's ready.)  Seasonality would make all of that more reasonable.     

Now, if you play with some seasons disabled (or, like me, randomised ones, which means that sometimes a season might be so short none of its special plants even have a CHANCE to grow) you'd miss out on some fruits/veggies, but I think of that similar to when you play Lights Out.  If it never turns day you don't have pigs; if it never turns summer you don't get prickly pears and avacadoes.  I think that sounds about right.


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14 minutes ago, hyiltiz said:

What is that REDACTED fruit and why?

Probably some non sequitur gag related to SCP project's way of writing.


Anyway, regarding fruits growing in their respective trees... I believe is a lil too late for that. DST would need a major plant/tree system rework to accommodate such change - for starters a tone of sprite drawings and programming animations. Would be nice but I think from lore standpoint would interfere a bit as well with the established view we have on Constant (aka everything as props on a giant stage, basically a whimsical hybridization mockery of real plants and animals).

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