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Glass forge, broken output pipes when liquid on the floor ?

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Hi all

I've noticed something during my games, also supported by the report of some players in the french Discord.

I didn't know why there's interaction with the output pipe of the glass forge even when it shouldn't. I was just suspecting a mecanism to interfer illogically.

So I've made the test below.


1st line : crude oil & forge at 48°C approx.

2nd line : crude oil & forge at 201°C approx

3rd line : crude oil & oxygen & forge at 49°C approx

4th line : oxygen & forge at 201°C approx


1st column : obisidian standard pipe

2nd column : ceramic insulated pipe

3rd column : insulation insulated pipe


Let's start the test :



Here it is, the ONLY pipes that do not break are those when there's no oil at the bottom. Even insulated insulation pipes break.




So what I'm highly suspecting is crude oil is interacting with : or the content pipe segment, straight on the forge output, or with the content inside the forge before it leaves the forge.

Here, I rather see a bug instead of a mecanism. Or at least, even if it's a mecanism, I would love to see it patched as it's a bug...

Any opinion ? Does it deserve a bug report ?

Thanks folks :)

Glass forge bug.sav

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This is actually a well-known old observation:

The glass force has a ground-contact tile. If this one is not thermally insulated or in liquid, the glass cools down inside the forge before it gets ejected. It then solidifies in the output pipe. You can observe the cooling inside the forge by monitoring its contents.

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Ok so that recall mecanisms I know indeed but applying this to the glass forge is quite new. That does mean there's no way for us to cool the forge using liquid on the floor... ? Forges were made in ceramic, but I guess constructing those in insulation will not change anything. And the floor itself on my examples are insulation.

And that doesn't take me out the fact that it deserves a bug report I think.

Also, even if it's "well-known", I suspect many players to do not know it at all. That would make it a "well-studied" by few rather than "well-known" ^^

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Perhaps the best way forward is to ask someone for a mod. I am not a programmer, but from looking at some of the decompiled code it seems like a trivial mod.

Some background, the contents of buildings are essentially invisible debris piles and behave no differently than any other debris pile. There are a couple exceptions though. The contents of a metal refinery do not interact with the environment. Looking at the code, this seems a result of a simple flag. First the metal refinery:


Compare to the glass forge:


Seems like adding the insulate bit should stop the contents of the glass forge from precooling and breaking pipes.

I think seal controls offgassing, once upon a time metal refinerys full of polluted water were a nice way to make oxygen. I never took a look at the code at that time, but it seems a reasonable guess.


As for avoiding broken pipes without a mod, it's been talked about a million times. Don't have liquid in the cell that has the contents debris pile. Liquids typically have a much greater conductivity than gases and will cool the contents too much. You can still cool the building by having liquid in any of the other building cells.

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10 hours ago, OxCD said:

Also, even if it's "well-known", I suspect many players to do not know it at all. That would make it a "well-studied" by few rather than "well-known" ^^

Fair point. I think I asked about it here some time early in 2019 or so. 

Glass forges need to be air-cooled.

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21 hours ago, OxCD said:

That does mean there's no way for us to cool the forge using liquid on the floor...

BTW, you can cool forge by liquid on the floor, just not use a "debris base tile" for this, use any other.

Content of building is considered debris on one of tiles(usually central tile, or left of two central), this tile must be insulated, but all others can be in liquid

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