Space travel is in the story?

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The "Vagrants" were apparently a spacefaring civilisation. Do we actually know what happened with them? Did they leave, or, y'know... (imagine a gif of a Griftlands character doing the throat slashing motion with their hand)

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Vagrant age is when all the cool stuff are made. The hesh antiques and the artifacts the spark barons uncover are all made from the vagrant age. However, we know that the tech has been abandoned for a long time. Maybe the spacefarers decided that the planet is not worth the trouble and abandoned it, or maybe there's some sort of catastrophic event that destroyed the civilization.

The people in Griftlands never talked about leaving the planet in present days, or maybe they are too concerned with surviving to care about space exploration. Maybe this hinted towards the second theory.

Also, leesha wants to study why the once great civilization has fallen in some routes of Rook's campaign, but she probably doesn't know the details why the relics are abandoned.

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Kashio, the head honcho, as you may already know her as...

she uncovered the first automech while working as a laborer, and used her profits to soar.

from what i know, we've got a pandora for griftlands setting, one where vagrants composed of human, kra'deshi, shroke, and jarackles all arrived on the planet.

i think what happened was that the vagrants pulled an arachne, and Cthulhu decided to suck them all in, leaving only a few who likely died off by the time the player enters the story.

possibly after that came the cult, where everyone realized "sweet christ, time to renounce christ. hesh is our god now!", and then the game's recent story happens.

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