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As I saw a recent thread about QoL for builders, as I saw what a specific mod has to offer to PC players, and as I saw the impossibility for me to do a wall from one edge to the other (because I can't put the last piece of the wall on both edges, so I let a non sense space where I can pass, and where my geckos can pass too), I guess there's some improvements which could be done.

But more of that, I'm jealous. There is some degrees of separation between the PC player's experience and the console player's one. PC players can test everything they want, because of the console command. Whoever likes to discuss about OP things, I think it's a fantastic OP tool. But it's not what I want for console players.

If I'm jealous, it's because of the architect mod. This is an amazing tool in my opinion. I don't even want mods for console, but I would like this possibility. Being able as PC players to choose between hundred of assets, just to feel the base building as most of you.

I would like a new tab, "decoration", even I have the visual without the benefit (Coffee plant for example, or the crazy sugar tree), even if it costs a lot a ressources to build all these items.

Klei, could it be possible to do someting in that way ? If you had to choose something regarding mods possibilities, I think it would be a good one. I don't want the heretic season calendar or my temperature, I don't want mini map or a 25 slots chest. I just want to build and some diversity, to work on my world as I could work if I could have this option, as you gave it to some of us, maybe most of us. Just one: Your assets. Please.

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Hmm... Ok, so maybe few of some ?


In fact, I have another question. I asked on xbox forum what the next gen console could change for DST on console. So could the next gen be more easy access for mods, or at least with few new possibilities in that way.

I'm not really aware of the difficulties it means to give us this possibility. That's why I'm sure we would be already happy with a kind of architect mod only. 

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There are very VERY Few games that allow mods in them on Xbox (the only ones I can name off hand are Skyrim Remastered, and Fallout 4.) but those mods are heavily governed by Sony/Microsoft as to what they will Actually allow to exist on the Market.

Some games by pass this by taking amazing player made mods and turning that into actual FREE DLC for Everyone- Ark Survival Evolveds Maps- The Center, Ragnarok, Valgureo & that new one coming out Crystal Isles...? Those are all MODS made by people outside of the actual Ark Development team, The Ark Devs just saw how highly popular they were and adapted them over into FREE DLC.

I don’t know what all mods exist for DST on PC, but there are a few that I would LOVE to Have.. and since I don’t know the exact names of those mods I will just provide a basic description of what they do/ Did do..

#1 Playable CHARLIE.

#2- Shipwrecked & Hamlet Content Compatibility. (the number 1 repetitive broken record thing a constantly Beg Klei for almost 24/7 and yet... PC players already have Access in doing it.)

 #3 @ADM very beautiful and Japanese Sakura looking Cherry Forest Biomes.

#4 Regorgitated & Reforged (It seriously blows that PC players can play these events at any moment of the year they want.. regardless of its a Mod or not they STILL have Access to it in some degree.)

#5 That really cool looking mod I saw awhile back that turned the Game 3D.. I don’t know what the name of that Mod was but it certainly looked Epic!

#6 Last but defiantly NOT Least the ability to play as non-human constant creatures, doing well let’s just say if your playing as a Catcoon you go around doing Catcoon stuff. A wicked cool mod that console players would love to have.

I didn’t mention Uncompromising Mode mod in this list because instead of copying that content directly over from a Mod I would be more curious as to what Klei Developers themselves could offer in the form of a true Uncompromising game Mode. :( 


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The # 1 thing I feel people should remember is ports don't make a lot of money. Every time they go out of there way after the original release of something is extra time spent. Is it worth it?


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On 6/15/2020 at 10:52 AM, Rma209 said:

The # 1 thing I feel people should remember is ports don't make a lot of money. Every time they go out of there way after the original release of something is extra time spent. Is it worth it?


It depends on what they’re porting.. Consoles finally got Hamlet last week and I couldn’t be happier.

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1 hour ago, Rma209 said:

Oh that's why I never saw it. I own a ps4 and play Together on my pc. 


Yeah but JoeW said not to worry that other console ports are in the works and will be released as soon as they are ready to go.

PS4 will get their share of Hamlet fun soon! I don’t know about Nintendo Switch though.. that one I’m uncertain of. :( 

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