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7 hours ago, hittamm said:

pay the bill for steam server cloud service

Out of curiosity, I googled a bit and didn't find any information about devs having to pay anything to steam. It seems like the only thing that they have to do is to use corresponding API functionality and define their quote values for game save size. Which seems logical as requiring regular payments for that kind of feature would just scare majority of game developers away from it. 

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As for now, there are limits for cloud save. 1GB total, and 100MB/File. Some games have bigger volumes, but i guess this cost extra for the devs. 

And due to the fact, ONI has vast problems with saves located in the cloud of other providers, i guess there are issues preventing them to make cloud save public. The code is still in there, as someone found out recently, but its no live right now.

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