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  1. Cant wait to grab your DLC. Love your game so much. Hopefully include this 1. Reduce lag on everyday by lazy load / pre-load would give seemless experience to user e.g. assassin creed [I understand how much effort to take] 2. Rename the duplicants on skill windows. I likely to name duplicant by expertise and auto named whould be nice and can SELL as DLC which I would buy it. Also sort duplicant by attribute to help manage skill and priority and NAME.[this would take lower effort but more to experience from user] 3. ITS 2020 Steam Cloud Sync pls may be patial save e.g. every 10 - 20 cycle and manual save BTW plan to live your game on youtube soon Cheer
  2. I used to name duplicant by their expertise it easy to assign bed or job. Auto name duplicant by expertise or attribute would be great.. I would bough that DLC
  3. Well what I intented to share idea to improve the game experience. My idea is can you do a lazy load/save or study how other game handle laggin when save I hope THIS game will seemless working without lag and I believe developer can do it. its 2020 Lagging when enter new day or save is not a good ux. Just to mention that the other game can do without lag.