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  1. hey, i also agree have a steam cloud would be a good idea but don't you think KLEI must pay the bill for steam server cloud service and i think it's kinda not very cheap
  2. @yoakenashi good idea, i've been thinking 40°C (104°F) max temperature overload for this generator since it's free energy and also a fair penalty for it because you can use it through any pipe.... if this generator is a thing then i can imagine in 3 days after the update someone gonna make a bathroom slave factory room (lol) .
  3. Lol i also thought that one, "FREE POWER". i lived in pacific island irl so it's a common stuff if i see hydro powered generator on some river across the road and i mean it's free also provide benefit much.When i played ONI i see somekind of "WASTED ENERGY" (the feel....), and here come my thought why we can't add hydro powered generator in-game in order to charge electricity for the colony ? why not ? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Example for picture 1 : -Power Tab menu -any liquid as long as it's not too cold or hot -Since it make electricity, the generator could heat surround the area (also heat the water output). -Duplicate need to maintaining the hydro generator in order to prevent temperature overload (should the generator put inside water so no maintaining needed ? ). -The input water should contain volume at last 1000 g/s, The output of the water is around 300-500 g/s (still the past volume still exist...is just like piping water through electrolyzer ). -the pipe out put is placed backward (because that's how water gained mass circling down in order powering the generator and it's work irl). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Example picture 2 : -Power Tab menu -any liquid as long as it's not too cold or hot -this generator is an early generation 1 of all the hydrogen generator which mean it's only generate low electricity output (i doubt anyone would build this except someone build water sieve) -Output not interfered by generator (still the same as output from liquid vent) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ my thought about adding new mechanic...i think that's a bad idea (for now) since performance of this game is beasty and i wonder if you know the struggle of 600-1000 cycle, so please don't expecting we get a new mechanic before they fixed/add "MULTI-THREAD" cuz i kinda had enough with this game LOL.
  4. man....i hate quarantine and i'm so bored can we have hydro powered generator ?
  5. Hey there, this is my real account....so silly me i forgot to enabling my D3D acceleration and this happened in all my entire last 3 Year playing games without D3D enabled (so that's why all my game is laging), The problem solved. found there's no problem with my Graphic Driver it's just my directX 1.Open DirectX Control Panel on window search if you using Win 8 2.Open DirectX9 Tab menu 3.Uncheck "Software Only" menu 4.Apply then OK
  6. try to reconstruct again.....let me know if it work
  7. try to descontruct the door NOW !!! (poor stinky)
  8. you should've put any debris into storage in early game at stable temperate room ( recommended ) debris temperature does make your game lag (EVERY GODDAMN TIME !!!!!) so i try to manage my debris everytime i started a new world. i got crashed after 2 cycle in beginning of my save file, it also take so long to load the entire world. can't put all debris in 2 cycle before crash so i activate the sandbox mode instead manually duplicate labor (the feel man....) man i'm sure this game is a beast game, this can be solved by multi thread KLEI phlezz......
  9. we need some kind of "Hydro-power" to generate electricity also fish or any mobs who lived in water, even amphibian mob lol