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New infinite storage with auto-sweeper

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As a side effect of this fix :

"Fixed Auto-Sweepers sometimes dropping their contents before their errand was actually finished"

Now your auto-sweeper have a storage included. And it seems it's infinite ! xD


To do this use the old tips :


Set to : 3 sec / 3 sec

And place a storage close to it. If it really close, set to 2 sec / 2 sec. Before the patch, items droped on the ground, now to avoid this, the arm store the item but given it always interrupt, the temporary storage became an infinite storage. ^^

If you improve the automation, you can shutoff the ON/OFF signal to empty the storage. Maybe you will find new ways to store your items.


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While this is quite interesting, I can't stop staring at that gold IRON painting. Wow, you must really hate those poor dupes.

Great discovery nonetheless, thanks !

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