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Why My Beefalo Always Farts?

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Hello everyone,

I'm recently trying to tame a beefalo,I'm playing on ps4 and can't download mods to see my progression on that beefalo.

So here's my problem:

I was reading other forum,reddit and steam topics and looking for youtube videos and wiki to learn how to tame it.Everyone is feeding it until it farts.I don't know that "fart" noise but when I feed it it ALWAYS farts.I mean it sounds like "prrrt" and I think it's not normal.Everyone says that it loses 300 hunger points per day,I didn't feed it for 2 or 3 days but when I feed it,it still farts as previous days.I tought that it's feeding itself from somewhere else and not to feed it until it becomes domesticated.But as far as I know it's domestication won't rise if I don't feed it by my hand.

Also I tought to put a salt lick near it,but the wiki says that it won't lose points near a salt lick.That means it stays at the same hunger till salt lick depletes,and it won't be domesticated if I don't feed it by myself.


 I was able to craft the brush 10-15 days after I started training it.I ride it very often and it has rider tendency look on its face,the tendency that I want.

Well,I don't know what to do.I'm feeding it with one drgonpie and brush it once per day.Should I continue this routine or should I not touch it and wait for domestication,or should I do something else?

Thanks in advance.

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Odd bug... but it should not mess with the domestication, a Beefalo farts when almost full but not completely. If it was it would throw up rot in addition so I guess it's fine and you can keep feeding your beef without problem.

Another thing, the Salt Lick doesn't keep Beefalo feeds, only domestication points are preserved, so make sure you feed him when you want to ride.

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your beefalo has series indigestion problem and because of that anything he eats become gas.

for your reference :  :grin:


Just kidding, you may have experiencing some kind of bug as beefalo only farts when you fill 300 hunger points



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