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  • Developer

Hey Grifters!

This update brings a whole bunch of fixes, and adds some new content:

  • The Hesh Zealot (rare, but can show up in Sal's story)
  • A whole bunch of new grafts
  • A new prestige level (inserted into the middle - we're working on a larger prestige progression overhaul)

Have fun!

  • Added 5 new negotiation grafts and 5 new battle grafts 
  • Add "unconvincing" penalty card when you concede a negotiation (it's an autoplay consume card w/replenish that eats XP from other cards left over in your hand).
  • Add Hesh Zealots to murder bay (they're rare)
  • Jolt no longer draws a card
  • Replaced Visionary Gun Smoke with Overcharging Gun Smoke
  • Showing a saving indicator icon whenever the game is saved
  • Smooth out the fighter hovers in combat to make it easier to play with a trackpad.
  • Restring usages of "combat" to "battle" for consistency.
  • New Prestige 8: Species boons are more powerful in battle.
  • Suspicion now reduces damage of diplomacy cards down to a minimum of 1 instead of 0
  • fixed bug where speed_shot would cause a crash
  • Autodogs' Dread debuff no longer applies to robots (robots have no fear!)
  • Fixed typo in Phroluk's description
  • Fixed bug where blade_fury would show preview based on previous use
  • Bottom Edge now applies after Overcharge
  • Moved Armor Plating to Uncommon
  • Renamed improve_accuracy_plus since "Enduring" implies removing expend
  • Reworked combination to give more combo but have flat bonus when you have combo
  • Whispered Rumors now stacks, creating an argument for each one you have
  • Fixed bug where shell_plus would only apply 5 defend
  • The Bog Burr Boss now avoids stealing your cards if it would bring you below 6 total cards in your deck
  • Fatigue now starts on turn 6 in negotiation, same as combat.
  • Memory Lapse no longer plays Unplayable cards.
  • Bad Deal no longer accumulates damage modifiers.  In particular, evil eye doesn't apply.
  • Adding the binding for NUM_0 to select card 10 on the hand
  • Fix shell_plus not applying 7 Defend.
  • Reduce dominance gain from Bottom Snail from 2 to 1 (plus2 reduced to 2 from 3)
  • Moved Square Up to Rare from Uncommon and increased cost to 2
  • Reduced damage of Kicker from 4 to 3 (plus reduced from 6 to 5)
  • Sifting Coin is now: Heads: Draw a card, Snails: Discard a card.
  • Chaos Coin Snails is now: Draw a card. Discard a card.
  • Fixed upgrade highlight on Airtight
  • Fixed upgrade highlighting on wind_up_plus
  • If an evoke card is already queued, do not re-evoke it.
  • Remove Replenish from Adrenaline Shot, Nano Lattice, Shock Box, and Admiralty Requisition.
  • Fix possible crash with Melt and Riptide when there are no available targets.
  • Fix double-press handling of accept surrender in controller mode.  Should use IsEnabled().
  • Show hotkeys in tooltip for view draw, view discards, and end turn.
  • Show reduced opinion when collecting taxes from a character.
  • Don't cast quest givers when making a sidequest chain, so that they can be provoked.

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2 hours ago, Kevin said:

Add Hesh Zealots to murder bay (they're rare)

How rare we talking? Admiralty Patrol Leader rare (decently rare but you'll see them from time to time) or Spree Captain rare (almost never appear)?

2 hours ago, Kevin said:

Remove Replenish from Adrenaline Shot, Nano Lattice, Shock Box, and Admiralty Requisition.


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  • Developer

This stuff will go live next Thursday. 

We have some larger changes to make to the prestige track this week. We are changing the early levels to be more impactful and to have a steeper ramp up. 

If you move copy your profile.lua to experimental it is compatible, however. 

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