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Hey Grifters,

This hotfix addresses some bugs and balance changes. It is a promotion of Friday's Experimental build.

  • Reduce dominance gain from Bottom Snail from 2 to 1 (plus2 reduced to 2 from 3)
  • Moved Square Up to Rare from Uncommon and increased cost to 2
  • Reduced damage of Kicker from 4 to 3 (plus reduced from 6 to 5)
  • Sifting Coin is now: Heads: Draw a card, Snails: Discard a card.
  • Chaos Coin Snails is now: Draw a card. Discard a card.
  • Hired members only leave after a quest if they've fought at least one battle with you, or you've completed more than one quest.
  • Indicate the reason for getting a certain convo option during Bandit Robbery.
  • Flag provoke battles as NO_SURRENDER, there's no point to fighting if you're not killing them atm.
  • Resilience: Keyword Composure.
  • Fix for issue when backing out of offered upgrade
  • Call to Rise triggers presentation on the card and modifier.
  • fixed bug where playing nonsequitur twice in a row would give you one free play too many
  • Added hit reaction for Sketchy Equipment to emphasize the damage
  • Smith's bar fight now forces you to talk to the bartender every 3rd stage where he gives you a graft
  • On the New Game Screen, the character anims show by default the last-selected outfit, instead of always showing their first one
  • Make the FightScreen logic for showing/hiding the cancel card label the same as negotiation.
  • Fix side_competing_bids.lua attract state causing superfluous greetings.
  • Fixed inconsistent wording for grafts that deal with Fully Charged
  • Clarified description of Hammer Grip
  • Tantrum only discards 2 cards as base and upgrades to discard 3
  • Added death loot, boon and bane for the Hesh Zealot
  • Fixed bug where Acidic Slime was setting the cost of a card instead of adding to it
  • Added nil-check to Buildup
  • Remove redundant Robbery opinion event from the friend robbery opportunity (the target already dislikes you for intimidating).  It also causes the negotiation to be harder than the preview indicates.
  • New character bios, fixes
  • Preventing the character from moving down the Fighter Info Popup whenever you open other screens over it
  • Because composure and modifier viz is all asynchronous now, the cards fly off too quickly.  Adding a hard-coded delay for cards that create either of those presentations.
  • Increasing the max height of the map location popup
  • Fix order of viz operations when using Duplicty -> Build Rapport that caused the final composure to be misdisplayed.  The coroutines need to started on the same widget (NegotiationPanel), otherwise the next-waiting coroutine won't necessarily be correctly ordered.
  • Fixing the title texts being shown in the Negotiation preview panel
  • fix rook's percent done number
  • setup_plus2 no longer draws a card and instead removes 1 less influence
  • Fixed bug where you could in certain scenarios install the same graft twice
  • Reduced draw from Clicker by 1
  • Second Wind now expends.
  • Reduced RPG damage from 10-12 to 8-10. Reduced max charges from 3 to 2
  • Reduced the cost of Viciousness to 1 and reduced Counter gained to be half of damage dealt
  • Thought Reverser now only prepares the first card drawn every turn
  • Removed base damage on Hemorrhage. hemorrhage_plus2 now deals piercing damage
  • Fixed bug where Bloodbath being triggered by Barbed Defense
  • Clarify Bluff card text so it doesn't sound like the drawn card should cost 0.
  • Updating the compendium filters to allow single rarity/faction/type selections. Also updated the Graft compendium to using the new graft frames. And the grafts tooltip as well
  • Expose engine.asset.Texture to modinit.lua

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Sifting coin was one of the better coins in the game, and chaos coin was just bonkers. You don't even need proper discard support to enable discard synergy, and the card draw from it gives you a lot of options. Now with the nerf, chaos coin is now the old sifting coin, and it can still go with a lot of decks.

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8 hours ago, Kevin said:
  • New character bios

These have always been cute little jokes that i liked and felt sad when all the new npcs with Rook's campaign didn't have them. it made the characters feel slightly different compared to "if i make you love me, i get a discount" Chick and "if i piss you off, i might as well jump into a pit filled with vrocs" dude.

Edited by Wumpus the 19th
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