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Sooo many new things; what should I do?

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Hello. It's been a real long time since i've played oxygen not included due to my graphics card not being good enough, (I just got an upgrade!) and when I say it's been a real long time I mean it! I haven't played in like 2 years or something, and I did have a good 100 hours before that. I am just lost as to what I should do and I would like some tips, tricks, and strategies for this new world that the game has entered. 

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Well I guess two years ago was before the rocketry upgrade.  Heck, even before the cosmic upgrade that added the space biome.  The big thing about space is that meteors rain down and will damage/destroy things so you want to use steel bunker tiles and doors to block them.  Most meteors leave a pile of regolith which is like sand ( and counts as filtration medium ).  There's also shove voles up there: they will eat regolith debris ( or dirt or iron ) and poop a solid tile with half the mass, so they kind of repair surface damage done by meteors.  They also tunnel through most solid tiles, but if you can contain and ranch them, they they give a LOT of meat.  Late game you build rockets to go fetch material from other meteors.  Abyssalite also got nerfed so you can't build super insulated tiles/pipes out of it anymore ( you now need to combine it with space material and reed fiber to do that ).  Salt water geysers got added and are quite common.  It comes out hot so you want to build an insulated box around it to contain the heat and put a desalinator in the water ( so the water cools it ) to purify the water and send it to your electrolyzers.  Oh, and pufts got less annoying to ranch since the prince can now also eat chlorine and oxygen so you can keep them penned with the dense or sqeaky versions.  Oh, and they added lead to the oil biome.  It's quite common and is already considered a refined metal out of the ground, which is nice.  It has a low overheat temperature though ( 55 C ).

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1 hour ago, gameslayer404 said:

I think the last update I played was when they first introduced ranching. Should I continue the early game as I did then, and just consult the wiki when I need information?

Ohh, another big change since back then was that you can no longer use a water sieve to cool your base by heating toilet water to cool an aquatuner then have the water sieve reset the temperature of the nearly boiling pwater.  These days for early game there is an ice maker that freezes 30kg of water into -20 C ice at a time, dumps 80% of the heat into the environment, and deletes the other 20%.  So you can make ice and dump it back into your water pool to keep it cool, and use that to cool your base.  Or just directly dump the ice into specific areas like your farm to keep it cool enough for crops, or use an ice-e fan.  The fan used to be worthless and delete water for a laughable amount of cooling.  Now it takes ice and melts it back into water that can then be fed back into the ice maker again, and does a decent job of cooling a local area, like a farm in a room of insulated tile.

For later game cooling, you need to use aquatuners to boil water to steam and the steam turbine to delete the heat and generate some power in the process ( you get about half the power back that you spent on the AT in the first place assuming you have it cooling water or pwater ).  The turbine used to make up to 2000 watts of power and emit somewhat cooler steam from the top, but now it maxes out at 850 watts and emits 95 C water in a pipe, which you can dump with a vent back into the steam room below the turbine.  The turbine itself also now needs to be built into a floor ( insulated tile ) and most of it sits on the top and the intake vents protrude below.

If you never did ranching have a look at the wiki.  Hatches and drakeos are very useful critters, though the products drakeos produce ( reed fiber and plastic ) can be made faster in other ways, they take a lot of pwater for growing reeds, or petroleum and a lot of byproduct heat for making plastic with a polymer press.  Getting them from drakeos is very cheap in comparison ( just some time for your ranchers to manage ) but the rate of production is somewhat limited.

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