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  1. So me and this guy are trying to do the metheus puzzle, we are on the second one and we got at most to 4 of them correct. We took a screenshot of when we had it like that. Then we reproduced it when we got below that. We both have our symbols exactly how it was when we had 4 of them correct, but it says we only have 2 correct. Maybe it's due to the duplicates I have to use?
  2. Okay nevermind what I had said. It will not load and I believe it is due to my graphics card, as a little notification comes up saying my graphics card has shutdown and has been successfully recovered or something like that, it goes by too fast. My cpu is an intel core 2 duo with 8 gigabytes of ram and a nvidia geforce gt 730 graphics card.
  3. Okay, it has loaded but it doesn't show the characters... Or maybe it will I have only done it once and it might load them but yeah.
  4. The game loads up fine, the start screen saying this is in early access and the menu. I click on create new world and it starts to generate one, it goes to 100% and then the screen turns black. The shortcut also had something wrong with it and I deleted it and installed a new one. I also verified the files and for a second the duplicate screen showed.
  5. I don't know if this is a bug or not or if it's already been talked about, but whenever I am insane and around pig guards and a shadow creature spawns they just spin around asking who is there. Very minor if it is a bug at all.