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  1. I am not really seeing anything mentioning this, but is it? I would think so, but are there some sort of alternate paths? Is there like somesort of sandbox mode or something? Does it just follow a linear campaign? Sorry if this has already been answered; I just can't find it (I probably could if I wasn't lazy)
  2. I think the last update I played was when they first introduced ranching. Should I continue the early game as I did then, and just consult the wiki when I need information?
  3. Hello. It's been a real long time since i've played oxygen not included due to my graphics card not being good enough, (I just got an upgrade!) and when I say it's been a real long time I mean it! I haven't played in like 2 years or something, and I did have a good 100 hours before that. I am just lost as to what I should do and I would like some tips, tricks, and strategies for this new world that the game has entered.
  4. So me and this guy are trying to do the metheus puzzle, we are on the second one and we got at most to 4 of them correct. We took a screenshot of when we had it like that. Then we reproduced it when we got below that. We both have our symbols exactly how it was when we had 4 of them correct, but it says we only have 2 correct. Maybe it's due to the duplicates I have to use?
  5. Vargs are way too overpowered, especially in the beginning. I had a great world! I just decided to go on my first hunt in this world (it's only day 15) I get a varg, and i'm like oh well I can just lead him over to the beefalo and he will loose aggro on my like a normal hound and then I can get some useless monster meat from him. But no. I ran, and ran, and ran. Yet to no avail; even as I had a large amount of distance from it in the dark it still kept on chasing with it's hounds. So their should either be way less hound spawns or that it acts more like a normal hound, and that it looses aggro after some time. It should keep it's aggro for longer, but not forever. Also I think the hound immediately attack you when you attack the varg instead of the animals they were already attacking so that's extremely annoying. Also on a side note, Time should pause when you open the map or press Esc when you are playing alone on a server with only one maximum player. Sometimes I just need time to think about what i'm doin ya know.
  6. Okay nevermind what I had said. It will not load and I believe it is due to my graphics card, as a little notification comes up saying my graphics card has shutdown and has been successfully recovered or something like that, it goes by too fast. My cpu is an intel core 2 duo with 8 gigabytes of ram and a nvidia geforce gt 730 graphics card.
  7. Okay, it has loaded but it doesn't show the characters... Or maybe it will I have only done it once and it might load them but yeah.
  8. The game loads up fine, the start screen saying this is in early access and the menu. I click on create new world and it starts to generate one, it goes to 100% and then the screen turns black. The shortcut also had something wrong with it and I deleted it and installed a new one. I also verified the files and for a second the duplicate screen showed.
  9. I don't know if this is a bug or not or if it's already been talked about, but whenever I am insane and around pig guards and a shadow creature spawns they just spin around asking who is there. Very minor if it is a bug at all.