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Nothing too special, I just came up with some concepts for flare skins! Here's some art I made of them:
A firework, a party popper, a rocket, and a dragon. But why flare skins, you might wonder, since they're something you immediately light up and watch fly away? Well, these skins could also have their own special effects when you shoot them off! Here's some image edits to show those:
Party Popper

In general I think these would make neat skins for a pretty useful item, and I bet people having a skin for that item would make them use it more :p

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A lot of things should be ported from hamlet because they added some excellent content. I don't seem confident they'll port things over from single player just because it's mechanically easy to do it. 
Different developers. I'm not even sure if klei has the rights to pick and choose what they want from single player to add into dst

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