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[Game Update] - 403420

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Hello everyone!

Thank you for your analysis of the new Wendy update. It was
 very helpful to our development process, as well as making sure all of the updates on the CD do not break with what is already available for the community. As part of that process we need to always know if new translations are available for the language. That's why the devlog on the blog is one of the most important documents here on Krita.

In light of the feedback, we have therefore decided to buff Wendy, giving her more health and the ability to disarm enemies, which should add even more flavor to her gameplay. Please try out Wendy, as you can still try the update from the start.

We also buffed Abigail, changing her from a fairly weak glass cannon that could be easily hit to a potent unit that can effectively shred a squad's armor by itself. It isn't a pretty change, but the world is much more colorful with an extra blue command point for Abigail in this regard.

We also have new information regarding our new content beta branch "She Sells Seashells!" It will bring a brand new experience to Don't Starve, such as the sale of seashells and exclusive crafting recipes for working together to find and collect these rare and beautiful treasures!

Feedback has been extremely positive, and all community feedback has been taken into account. With the new update, we want to give all Don't Starve players the ability to craft and sell their own custom items. The crafting and sales only happen in the beta branch and we are still researching the best way to implement it. We hope to have this ready in time for the update.

Finally, we have decided to add a new Twitch drop - the 10k noob pack. This drop will be only available for sale to players who have already purchased the sound pack or made a donation to the plex store. The bonus will include a tier unlocked which will include the animation pack for all of the 8 characters as well as all of the extra sprites from the aforementioned 10k donation tier.

Warmest regards,

Community Manager Roshana



(photo credit to BrodTsumi)

(This update was brought to you by Talk2trans4mer :D)


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