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  • Developer

Hey Grifters,

We did a big tuning/fixing pass on the bog boss negotiation and battle today. Hopefully that clears up some of the confusion around what was actually going on. Tuning will continue for the next week and a half as we implement the bog expedition events that lead up to this fight!

  • Bog priest Negotiation Changes:
    •     Clarified wording of all tooltips
    •     Lower overall resolve for articles of faith (with a random range)
    •     Card-gaining is done through separate bounty arguments that spawn when an article of faith is destroyed
    •     Bog thoughts do more damage, have less resolve, try to stack into 2 arguments, and degrade over time
    •     Peepers (eye turrets) Peepers have lower resolve, lower persuasion, max instance of 2
    •     Lower target resolve (45 -> 30) 
    •     No impatience
    •     Lower total composure from the heart argument, spread over fewer targets
    •     lower general damage from the boss, that only hits one target
    •     Adding an anim for the shielded argument
  • Bog boss combat changes:
    •     Fixed bug with the Bog Rage condition
    •     Buffed all the Bog Boss combat cards
    •     Fixed bug where the Eye Stalks sometimes wouldn't get stunned when they should
    •     Grout Cysts with "Power Pollen" no longer apply the buff if they leave instead of being killed
    •     Added 3 buffs and debuffs for the Bogger Priest
    •     Added 3 debuffs for the Bog Boss
    •     Fixed bug where the Bog Boss was giving power and health to itself instead of only the burrs
  • Fixed bug where the Bog Boss' enrage buff wasn't being removed at the correct time
  • Fixed targeting on Foot Rationale
  • Replace Aggressive's mechanics with a simpler one.  The original design is moved to Reputation Preceding, because that card is more obscure and less easily obtained (need to draw into a murder card)
  • Fixed bug caused by enemies with Mark being hit by damage not from attacks 
  • Fixed bug where Do Over wasn't removing the correct amount of Dominance
  • Fix Level Orange Clearance not removing any intents.
  • nil-check splashed_modifier after broadcasting EVENT.SPLASH_RESOLVE; The Uncertainty modifier modifies it.

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I feel like the tooltip wording is inconsistent with a lot of other arguments (especially when compared to wording of arguments in Sal's campaign) which can contribute to confusion.

The Bog Sees All

The Bog Sees All spawns Peeper arguments. However, there's no description for what a Peeper argument does when you highlight TBSA. This is inconsistent when compared to something like the Admiralty's Abuse of Power core argument, which incepts Planted Evidence but also has a description for what Planted Evidence does when you highlight the core argument. Suggested wording: add a description of Peeper.

Additional issue with TBSA: "The eye closes when it takes unmitigated damage" is flavorful but is definitely confusing the first time around. I thought the "eye" closing talked about the Peeper arguments and not TBSA itself. Suggested reworking of the paragraph: "At the start of Glofriam's turn, create or add stacks to a Peeper argument if this wasn't attacked during Rook's last turn."

The Bog Protects All

The Bog Protects All "applies Composure to one or more friendly arguments" but doesn't list how much Composure it can grant. This is inconsistent with Prayers of Hesh, which specifically states "Apply <X> Composure and <X> resolve to a friendly argument."  Suggested wording: "At the start of each turn, apply <X>-<Y> Composure to <X>-<Y> friendly arguments."

The Bog Knows All

The Bog Knows All "gives Rook 6 Bog Thought" when a friendly argument is destroyed. When compared to Abuse of Power, TBKA doesn't use the Incept keyword that's in Sal's campaign despite having the same behavior! Suggested wording: add a description of Bog Thought, and also change the description of TBKA to "When one of Glofriam's arguments is destroyed, Incept 6 Bog Thought."

Faith in the Bog

The entire "Undermine Glofriam's faith" paragraph in Glofriam's core argument just adds an entire paragraph that need to be read by the player, but is redundant (when the user reads The Bog bounties, they'll already see that destroying the argument grants a combat bonus). That paragraph can be removed, and the meaning of it can be preserved in two ways, IMO:

  • Rephrase the first paragraph to "This argument is shielded by The Bog, and cannot be attacked until at least one bounty is removed!"
  • More complicated: particle effects; draw lines between The Bog bounties and "Faith in the Bog" that visually represent the bounties "protecting" Glofriam's core argument (something like Bossbit's shield?)
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The effect of the negotiation is a lot clearer now, thanks. I like the new Bog Thought too. But I think it's a little bit too easy now. Gaining Impatience on destroying a tenet seemed reasonable. I don't think it should be easy, nor expected of the player, to "perfect" this negotiation, especially given that the Boss fight is still on the easy side, even at high prestige. Much easier than Kashio, for sure.

The monster, alone, is not a threat (aside from the one piercing attack), and it's relatively easy to dispatch or wait out the summons. Maybe the monster should summon more often/faster, and/or have an increased max party size (like the flead queen)? Or the eyes could respawn automatically? The only time when the player is realistically in danger is when there are two burrs, but since they come with a spark mine, they're not a threat for more than one turn. And the least dangerous time (aside from when you dispatch all summons but the monster tries to buff the non-existing minions anyway) is after it summons the loot boxes; sure, it's annoying to lose access to some cards for a bit, but now you have 2-3 turns with little to no threat from the other side.

I do like that the summons are non-random, since the fight would be an RNG-fest otherwise. I'm not sure the fight needs to be *this* level of scripted though.

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  • Developer

Great feedback, all!

Hopefully by next week we will have the full finale experience in place. I don’t think players will be at full health and resolve going into the boss fight.

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