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  • Developer

Hey Grifters,

 Work continues on Rook's final boss. We just pushed out a bunch of tuning and fixing changes, and added a pre-fight negotiation to the experiment that lets you gain some special cards and disable some of the boss' abilities. We've also added a bit of support for modding unique cards. Instructions and an example are posted here: 




  • Added *very preliminary* Mod support
  • First-pass of a pre-fight negotiation with the bog boss
  • Added German, Arabic partial translations
  • The bog boss now gains its bonus health AFTER eating the Bogger Priest
  • Fixed timing on the "eyes of the bog" condition to prevent inaccurate damage previews
  • Slight balancing adjustments to the Bog Boss
  • Fixed bug where pre-existing eye stalks wouldn't gain the benefits of eyes of the bog 
  • Added power gain or healing on the Boss' taunts in addition to the defend he gains
  • If DealCard deals to your hand and fails (due to hand size limit), it will automatically transfer the card to discards.
  • Adjust wording on Brain Barrage to comply to guidelines (manipulate card -> Manipulate card)
  • Fix crash in new sal quest
  • Fixed crash when using drain resolve on a target that dies before you drain it's resolve (from graft and argument interactions)
  • Fix crash for Lean and Drain Resolve targetting core arguments with no resolve.
  • Aligning the text within the Reward widget tiles, so that it allows two lines of text in their descriptions
  • Fixing a bug where resizing the Fightscreen between different aspect-ratios, would break the alignment of the healthbars and the characters
  • Fixed bug where the intent of the bog boss wouldn't show sometimes when switching stages
  • Making Rook's charges in fights take up a whole row of condition icons, and placing the other conditions above them. This way it doesn't get too wide and go offscreen if he manages to get 5 or more conditions applied
  • Fixing the bug where role icons on plax agents weren't animating by default, they just started after hover

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I'm a bit confused by the reward for negotiating with the Bog Priest. The core resolve has a vague phrase that implies that breaking his faith will somehow weaken him in combat, but if it does, I could not tell how. The cards you get aren't great either. Applying 4 burn to all enemies is fine, although in practice it's kinda hard to exploit in the incoming fight. The other two are just... meh at best, actively bad at worst.

The negotiation description should be a bit better too. It should specify that the "shield of faith" will drop after you destroy one of the Bog Priest tenet-arguments.

I do like the theme of the negotiation though! 

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I agree with pacovf. i got a deck that was able to destroy all of the priest's arguments (very hard, essentially if you had to destroy 4 resolves from the auctioneer), and i saw no major difference in the boss other than the fact i had the weakness cards. even on prestige 0, i got screwed due to the fact the boss now has new statuses it applies to itself that seem to be related to his tenets of the deep bog arguments (like the bog sees all and the monster having  a status that makes all eye stalks gain power and attack only rook).

to reiterate's pacovf, it's a very neat theme for a negotiation, although i don't know how fully write your way into saying the high priest being lead astray in faith by a veteran would cause a cult monster to be significantly weaker as a result

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Something else: the “Bog Thought” is mostly a positive for the player, at least at prestige 0. It takes 4 damage to destroy, but only removes 3 resolve when destroyed. So you’re effectively “saving” 1 damage. This does not feel intended.

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  • Developer

Thanks for all the feedback! This is very helpful.

Some explanation: destroying each article of faith gives you a card AND removes a particular condition that shows up during certain phases of the bog monster fight. The connection there is probably a bit too vague, so I'm going to work on building some continuity throughout the whole fight.

The actual numbers for everything are very preliminary. Bog thoughts, in particular, need to be more impactful.

I'll do a pass on the tooltips to improve clarity. There's always a line to find of making things understandable, but not overwhelming the player with, say, full combat condition descriptions during a negotiation :)

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  • Developer
26 minutes ago, SpicyNiceCream said:

The condition removal doesn't seems to work for some reason. I destroyed all 3 arguments in negotiation, but all 3 conditions still appear in the fight.

Haha. Yup. It was being stored on the priest, but then checked from the Monster.



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1 hour ago, Kevin said:I'll do a pass on the tooltips to improve clarity. There's always a line to find of making things understandable, but not overwhelming the player with, say, full combat condition descriptions during a negotiation :)

I think the uh “weakness cards” confuse the issue here. If removing one of those arguments just removed a bonus from the following fight, it would be less confusing. Right now the player doesn’t know if you get any bonus on top of the card; after all, you already got something, maybe it’s greedy of you to expect more on top of it. If you don’t get the card, then the player will guess that whatever bonus you get, will be made clear during the fight.

You would also have more space in the argument description to give a vague idea of what the fight bonus is. E.g. “bog sees all”: “the bog can see through its many eyes...”.

Then the priest can start the battle with a condition/power with same name and description, which only “activates” and gets a proper description once the Monster eats it. The vague description at first is so that the UI doesn’t spoil the “snackrifice” that is about to happen.

My 2 cents.

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  • Developer

Discussing with some of the other designers, we're going to try:

  • Breaking the card-get out into separate bonus bounty arguments (which are spawned by killing each of the articles).
  • Making the buff/debuffs that result from the articles consistent across the boss' two forms, and always present in the UI. This will mean that the articles, if left undefeated, become buffs on the priest, which then transform into similar buffs on the monster once it eats the priest. If you defeat an article, that logic flips to a debuff.

Should be live in tonight's experimental.

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The eye argument doesn't seem to work properly. It says "unless attacked", but in reality, if my attacks doesn't break its composure it still generates an argument.

This negotiation is REALLY hard. First the difficulty comes from the fact that I can't read and didn't see the additional description for the Priest's argument. Second the difficulty comes from the fact that "the bog protects all" gives a lot of composure to the other arguments, meaning you have to target that argument first realistically to make progress. The third difficulty comes from the fact that every time you destroy one of the Priest's argument, it gives him 1 impatience. Combined with 3 attacks per turn and potentially more through eye of the bog makes his turn very deadly.

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