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Fun Competition ideas?

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I used to play what me and my bf used to call "Hide and go-Tag" where each of us were given a telelocator staff and the person who was "it" had to both find and give a powdercake to the other person's inventory. 


  1. You both must start at the portal, and a coin flip decides who is "it"
  2. You both use 1 Charge of your staff to end up somewhere random
  3. You can use the staff at any point, but when it breaks the game is over and the player with a non-broken staff wins the game
  4. Who's "it" has to use the staff every 3 days they have the cake, but the hiding player uses the staff once they become "it"
  5. No cheating (obviously) or killing each other
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I made a hay maze in my world, I think it would be cool to do a super big one and maybe hide an item somewhere in there and whoever can find the item and complete the maze first (without cheating and smashing walls, ahem) wins! Kinda like finding a needle in a hay stack with a fun twist ^-^ 


Another game I’ve thought of is a Russian roulette style game. Have 10 chests placed down a good distance away from each other. Place one gunpowder in a random chest of your choice. Have people take turns burning a chest with a torch until someone lights the one with the gunpowder. Obviously if you light the gunpowder, you lose ;P!



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9EB0C317-353F-420E-A584-6B7B34AD5D11.gif.036d820f1fdc860c4ad30d6ee3fbc48d.gifWith Mods- I suggest taking Carrat checkpoints and turning them into Boat bouy checkpoints that you can collect in the water.. 

but Without Mods.. I would love to see some MORE mini games added to DST.

Yes I get that the DS franchise is supposed to be this brutal punishing open world sandbox game.... And I don’t know how the game plays on PC as opposed to Console-

But over on Xbox people tend to die as soon as Winter starts.. they then either float around as a ghost forever to drain your sanity or they immediately leave.

Which is why things like Carrat Racing and the Pig Kings Championship Belt Mini-Game are being added to the game, it may not be the Hardcore Survival content a handful of us crave, but it is something fun to casually do outside of the Survival stuff.

For those of you Unaware- Pigs in a Village will randomly have a chance to spawn wearing a belt, kill the pig and trade that belt to the Pig King to participate in a fun little short mini game where you and your friends battle pigs that carry around gigantic wooden signs to smack you around silly with.


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I have once made a very confusing game in DST. I don't know about you guys but have any of you played "Pepsi Cola" or like "Pizza Pizza" something along those lines as a kid? Where you have a set number of moves and you need to step on other player's feet to "kill" them.

I sorta adapted it to DST theme.


Basically the game revolves around Wortox's teleporting and turf tiles. So, there's 2 types as of now, the 3x3 one and the 5x5 one. What you do is Pitchfork 1 turf tile and then skip 1 turf tile and Pitchfork 1 turf tile. Sorta like a chessboard where you make a checkerboard pattern with Turfless tiles and grass tiles. You can only be at Turfless Tiles which has resources such as grass, twigs, flint, rocks and gold.

The Wortoxes get 3 souls at every turn and can choose to teleport to the adjacent tile or drop a soul at their feet, healing them. Turn's over when a Wortox uses up their souls. When a Wortox is at a tile he can gather the resources there, leaving none for the other Wortoxes.

So when the game starts you can do many things to decide who goes first, etc. I choose PvP way (btw this game HAS to be played PVP) where the survivor is the first, the second dead is the second, etc.

After that the first to go will choose their character. The second will follow and you know what happens. Since it would be boring if we just do this, I let the Wortox players choose a character they wanna be.

Wilson would have the ability to craft a meat effigy on Turn 12. Willow would be able to burn tiles (I'll explain later), creating burnt tiles and being able to get 1 extra soul when she ends her turn on a burnt tile, not taking damage when she does so. Wendy can summon a ghost to haunt 1 enemy if she ends her turn on a skeleton (of a dead Wortox). Wolfgang gets a stack of Volt Goat Jelly spiced with pepper. Wigfrid starts with food spiced with garlic. Wortox (the character, not the player) gets 4 souls per turn instead of 3. There's more but I forgot.

Burnt tiles deal damage to anyone except Willow if they stand on it.


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