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Hey Grifters,

We're working out the details of the Rook finale behind the scenes, and will probably be able to share it sometime next week. There are implications for the final fight that aren't hooked up yet, so stay tuned!


  • Making Rook's charges in fights take up a whole row of condition icons, and placing the other conditions above them. This way it doesn't get too wide and go offscreen if he manages to get 5 or more conditions applied
  • Fixing the bug where role icons on plax agents weren't animating by default, they just started after hover
  • Added Arabic, German partial translations
  • Marked is now tagged as a debuff
  • Beast of the Bog now uses Temporary Power instead of handling the loss of power by itself
  • Added death loot, boons and banes for Kalandra and Fellemo 
  • Fixed bug where Char wouldn't give actions if the target had burn but died to the attack 
  • Fix possible crash when dying during some encounters.
  • the Admiralty Clerk's "Crippling Strikes" now only gets triggered if the attack is not mitigated/evaded

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The bog monster is definitely a lot easier than Kashio. It also spends a lot of turns "buffing" itself, but that seems to just apply some defense to itself? Which might as well just be wasting a turn.

I think the "symbiosis" between the eye stalks and the monster is cool. It would be fun if each "grout burr" on the field strengthened the monster in a different way, and so the player had to choose which ones and in what order to take down to keep the fight under control, even as the monster keeps summoning more of them. There's no fight in the game that uses this concept yet.

Is it intentional that the "grout loot" burrs steal 2 cards, but each give you 3 cards back when you defeat them? The extra card is a "hatch" card, which by the time you get to this fight, is basically just useless and just bloats your deck. 

One last thing that I doubt can be fixed, but the different "perspective" on the art of the monster, compared to every other NPC, looks pretty weird to me. All NPCs are on a three-quarters position, where they're facing neither to the screen nor to the side. The Bog Monster art is drawn as a profile, coming from the right edge of the screen. It just... clashes with everything else in the fight, especially when there are other burrs both closer and farther away from the foreground. Anyway, not the most important thing, but maybe something to keep in mind if you design another creature too large for the screen.

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