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Please allow Conveyor Sensors and Filters to detect multiple items

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I've been using a mod for some time now that allowed sensing items on conveyor rails to direct them where I wanted them. It was incredible and seeing Klei put these into the game was VERY welcome... however... being able to only sense one item in a filter or sensor isn't practical.

Limiting the selection in other types of sensors and filters works because there aren't many gases or liquids to sort and you generally want to separate a single type of liquid or gas from the others. This is NOT true of items on conveyor rails. We DO want to separate (for example) lots of different eggs to a hatchery or lots of edibles/ingredients to a kitchen. I tried to do this last night with my hatch farm. Everything went well until a sage hatch egg was laid and I tried to add the second egg type to my filter. I was stunned to discovered that selecting the sage hatch egg deselected the regular hatch egg. I realized that, to sent all my hatch eggs to my hatchery, I would need to construct 4 filters that would consume a whopping 480 watts of power. This gets utterly ridiculous if you want to send foods and ingredients to your kitchen. As a result, I'm back to using multiple conveyor loaders with multiple rail lines. Isn't this what the addition of conveyor filters and sensors were intended to alleviate?

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I support your idea, but before it is implemented, you can use this method:

After first solid filter, build next one, rotated 180* in a way their middle tiles are next to each other. After 2nd, you can add 3rd, 4th etc. Then you can connect filtered output togeter, allowing to have X items filtered out of main line, where X is number of filters you build next to each other

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