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  1. I put a Squeaky Puft into some Chlorine to make some Bleach Stone and watched it for cycles. It ate tons of Chlorine and never once made any Bleach Stone. There is another bug report for this but it is a year old so it seems either the bug is back or it never got fixed.
  2. The message about Long Commutes appears early in the game (it appeared in cycle 29 of my current game) and is basically on for the remainder of the game. Once you send your dupes out to explore and they start doing things outside the base you are going to have long commutes and there is nothing you can do about it. A message that informs you of something you can't do anything about isn't providing meaningful information.
  3. [Game Update] - 322093

    As you can see with Ada, this is not working (as somebody else pointed out). Other traits and interests that should be mutually exclusive are: Gastrophobia trait and Cook interest Unconstructive trait and Build interest Uncultured trait and Art interest Trypophobia trait and Dig interest Yokel trait and Research interest
  4. While I get the idea behind the changes to the jobs/skills system, the recent change in the test branch doesn't make any sense and doesn't give you proper control over what your dupes spend their time doing. The jobs system made sense... to improve your skill in something you had to do it. Collecting points for doing everything and then spending them on specifics is completely illogical. How can my dupe learn how to research by digging and picking up stuff? As for controlling what they do, how about making the hats affect what they prioritize? As it stands, all my dupes are doing everything and I have no way of controlling what they do aside from setting their priorities manually... and ALL my dupes seem to prioritize doing research over everything else. If the idea is to give some RPG flavor to the game, you've missed something important. The collection of points that you then spend as you wish works in RPGs because characters are already predisposed to a particular set of skills. That isn't true with dupes. Now, if you were to make dupes so that they were actually good at some skills and bad at others then the current changes might make some sense. Addendum: After considerable playing, I've uncovered a couple of problems with the Skills System. First, dupes keep collecting skill points after they've reached a point where they can't really use them anymore. How about letting us spend the points on improving attributes, so if you specialize a dupe for digging you can spend points on the digging attribute to make them even better at digging? Second, the decreased moral expense of improving skills the dupe is interested in means it is pretty silly to EVER take a dupe that doesn't have three interests. I suppose you could make it an option to offer dupes with less than three interests to increase the difficulty, but getting a constant parade of dupes with less than three interests just makes it hard to recruit decent dupes. It is already hard enough to get decent dupes with all the crappy traits they can get. Avoiding dupes with crappy traits AND those with less than three interests makes it too damned hard to recruit, and that simply ISN'T fun.
  5. This save file has a duplicant repeatedly trying (and failing) to deliver 7.6 mg of algae to a compactor. I don't know how an algae stack ever got such a small amount in it (it obviously couldn't come from digging) but having a duplicant forever stuck trying to deliver something is a problem. Man-Cave.sav
  6. Critter sensor not working

    Come on Klei, READ THIS STUFF! I keep encountering bugs and when I go to report them I find they've been reported LONG ago but haven't even been LOOKED at yet.
  7. Incubator does not save state

    The incubator also resets to the last egg you put in it when you load a save. Incubate an egg and then set the incubator to be empty and save the game. After reloading, the 'continuous' button will be set (as you indicated) AND the incubator will be set to load an egg of the last type incubated. WHile I know that this behavior happens when an egg of the appropriate type is currently sitting around, I DON'T know if it will do this if no egg is available.
  8. Access Restrictions that control directional movement though a door are imposed when the door is open. This also happens on both group and individual access rights.
  9. I don't think the number of uses remaining is a factor. The game crashes when I deconstruct an outhouse with 9, 6, and 15 uses remaining.
  10. The information for a Smooth Hatch Egg reads: "Smooth Hatches excrete solid Copper as waste and enjoy burrowing into the ground." That information is only correct if you feed Copper Ore to a Smooth Hatch. Other Hatches only excrete Coal so this is probably a case where the word 'Coal' was just replaced with the word 'Copper'. The information should either list all of the things that a Smooth Hatch excretes or none of them.
  11. If you plant a Dust Cap in a new Farming Tile or Planter Box, the Dust Cap needs a delivery of Slime to grow, However, if you uproot Mealwood from a Farming Tile or Planter Box and then plant a Dust Cap, the Dust Cap tile needs a delivery of both Dirt and Slime to grow.
  12. [Game Update] - 298192

    Sorry, folks... I totally derped on my post. Can't imagine what was going on in my head.
  13. I've been having this problem intermittently but now I've got a game where my dupes simply won't work. They constantly go into a repeating animation where they stand there and don't do anything. I've moved them back and forth but they won't do any of the things I've queued. It looks like they are trying to pick something up over and over again. I've attached a save file where all three of my dupes do it every time the game loads. Underground Dreamland.sav
  14. Weird is a bit of an understatement. They turn polluted water into clean water BUT in most of their comfort range the water they create would instantly freeze. Eventually they would turn all the polluted water into ice and would die.
  15. Water is too viscous

    @Misca: In ONI, only one thing can occupy a tile at a time. When a bit of liquid is in a tile it occupies the entire tile and when the tile above is occupied the liquid appears to fill the entire tile because it can't contain anything else. It isn't due to some 'reaching up' mechanic. It's odd, but it is something we can understand and work with. Liquids mysteriously piling up isn't. @Moonshade: I wouldn't have reported this if liquids had always behaved like they do now, but liquids used to flow better and liquid locks used to work fine. Something was changed in the model and now liquids are behaving in odd ways. Duplicants are one of only a few mobile objects that are more than one tile high. To simplify things, the model probably tracks a single location for all of these objects, and the best location to track for duplicants would be their feet since it makes it very easy to determine whether they have something to stand on. I haven't been able to definitively tell whether dupes exhale when submerged or enveloped by an unbreathable gas (I don't think they do). They do inhale when standing in a puddle or when their feet are in an unbreathable gas so the model seems capable of determining that their heads are in a breathable gas while their feet are not. One solution to this 'immovable gas' problem might be to have dupes exhale into the tile occupied by their heads rather than the tile occupied by their feet (as they currently do). This would prevent liquids from being displaced by CO2 when a dupe was standing in a puddle. Frankly, I'm amazed that all of this stuff works as well as it does but that doesn't mean their model doesn't need to be tweaked a bit.