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Liquid amount counter with Automation

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5 hours ago, pether said:

element sensors + counter sensors.

That will only work in case of all 'packets' being of maximum, 10kg volume. It won't work reliably if packets of random sizes (4, 6, 7kg) are going through.

P.S. Would be really nice to have a buffer that will collect specific amount of liquid/gas before sending it through. We probably can make one now from tanks or from a number of sensors, but dedicated device is smaller and performance friendlier.

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17 hours ago, pether said:

You can fork single pipe into 2 and use element sensors + counter sensors.

Never done it, but it should work

element sensor sends a continuos grren signal, and it never chenges to red unless pipe is empty wich means you cannot use a counter with it, conveyor rails and their sensors have the same downside.

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