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Hey Grifters,

Here are a couple of quick adjustments and fixes for the Automech Boss that we made this morning. We're watching the win-rate stats as they come in, and will be making balance tweaks leading up to release next week.

  • The Automech Boss now only applies burn with his attack if it deals damage
  • Updates to the Automech Boss to make it slightly less punishing when applying burn
  • Threshold is now determined based on damage dealt, not damage taken
  • Spare Magazine now uses the POWER_LOSS condition instead of handling the removal of power itself
  • The Crisis bane is now triggered at the start of your turn and raises the panic meter significantly less
  • Improved the alignment and spacing on the Card Draft screen
  • The brutality condition is now hidden. Similar to other banes
  • Showing the hero's squad in the boss fight preview in a clearer way

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3 minutes ago, Wumpus the 19th said:

also the whole "lifts his thruster leg and waggles it at the party" attack...never die klei. never die.

Would be nice if this animation was twice as fast or so though :p

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Funny enough, the fight feels easier with little, if not none, allies. Since Bossbit's multi-shot seems to hit more times the more allies Rook have, and unlike Rook who has so much more stuff to gain defense to himself, they most likely would take the hit, and Burn fireworks is only beautiful when it's burning on the enemy side. It's also quite face-pawning when 2 out of the 3 allies focus fire on the immortal Bossbit during muster call (real teamwork guys).

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