[Game Update] - 399376

Release Date: 03/12/2020

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

Here are a couple of quick adjustments and fixes for the Automech Boss that we made this morning. We're watching the win-rate stats as they come in, and will be making balance tweaks leading up to release next week.

  • The Automech Boss now only applies burn with his attack if it deals damage
  • Updates to the Automech Boss to make it slightly less punishing when applying burn
  • Threshold is now determined based on damage dealt, not damage taken
  • Spare Magazine now uses the POWER_LOSS condition instead of handling the removal of power itself
  • The Crisis bane is now triggered at the start of your turn and raises the panic meter significantly less
  • Improved the alignment and spacing on the Card Draft screen
  • The brutality condition is now hidden. Similar to other banes
  • Showing the hero's squad in the boss fight preview in a clearer way

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