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Hey Grifters,

It's been a hectic couple of days as we set the team up for working from home, so the releases have been a little less frequent. We're mostly squared away now, so we should be back on schedule.

This update adds a new boss for Rook to fight! Check them out at the end of day 2, or get in some practice first in the experiments section.

  • Hooked up alternate boss for rook day 2
  • Added experiment to test new rook day 2 boss
  • Hide old experiments
  • Fixed bug where Jake's "Double Edge" would give composure based on damage from some other sources (not just the jake)
  • fixed missing nil check for target_deck in bog_sensitive
  • Adding hero slide animations on boss fight previews
  • Improving the parasite-card icon and adding parasite-card colors for the various colourblind modes
  • Track duplicated cards.  Card:HasUpgrades will always return false for any duplicated cards.
  • Trade Secrets: Fix the list of Spark Barons who dislike you.
  • Hilight Wide Prattle's base composure change.
  • Crayote spit no longer affects slimed/cripple if evaded.
  • Raider cleave no longer affects targets that evaded.
  • Fix certain NPC titles showing as "Grifter Grifter".

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You definitely can beat this boss, but it suffers the same problem as Kashio's burn gloves before. Fire damage is unblockable. The only counter play to this is to kill him fast or stun him at key turns, and since he is metallic, there are more ways to stun him.

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Boss killed me on my first attempt, likely because of the unblockable burn damage RageLeague pointed out. This was despite having all 3 Spark Baron helpers on my side. It’s kind of interesting that Bossbit’s damage actually increases quickly with the number of people on your side.

Then the game crashed when I tried to fight it again :p

I was also surprised that the new boss isn’t an Erchinlord! I thought Kalandra was hinting at it.

EDIT: can we have the Crisis bane (from Taskmasters) trigger at the beginning of your turn? I had a helper panic after my turn but before theirs, so they didn’t attack. That was an unpleasant surprise.

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Attack pattern and kit is great. It's not hard, the burn is ridiculous though. I think it should be changed to "apply burn on unmitigated damage", or lower the amount of attacks (what the Hesh is this thing doing 8 shots x 3 burn), instead of straight off roasting Rook's bum to crisp.

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