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[Game Update] - 399232

Release Date: 03/11/20

Update Information:

Hey Grifters,

It's been a hectic couple of days as we set the team up for working from home, so the releases have been a little less frequent. We're mostly squared away now, so we should be back on schedule.

This update adds a new boss for Rook to fight! Check them out at the end of day 2, or get in some practice first in the experiments section.

  • Hooked up alternate boss for rook day 2
  • Added experiment to test new rook day 2 boss
  • Hide old experiments
  • Fixed bug where Jake's "Double Edge" would give composure based on damage from some other sources (not just the jake)
  • fixed missing nil check for target_deck in bog_sensitive
  • Adding hero slide animations on boss fight previews
  • Improving the parasite-card icon and adding parasite-card colors for the various colourblind modes
  • Track duplicated cards. ┬áCard:HasUpgrades will always return false for any duplicated cards.
  • Trade Secrets: Fix the list of Spark Barons who dislike you.
  • Hilight Wide Prattle's base composure change.
  • Crayote spit no longer affects slimed/cripple if evaded.
  • Raider cleave no longer affects targets that evaded.
  • Fix certain NPC titles showing as "Grifter Grifter".

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