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Is there way to report a server for explict title?

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So, this evening I tried to find some server to hop in and found the server with very explict title.

Is there any way to report it?

I know that i can just toggle the server name to hide but it is sickening to let this **** happen. 

For anybody wondering what was the actual title, here is the title in spoiler.


*** in (person name) ******

Yup, it was the actual name of the server.


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Hey there, 

We're working on an optional text filter being added to the server listing that should roll out with the next big update. This isn't going to solve all occurrences of bad server names, but it should help.

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time to guess what the hell the server title is because of klei forums censoring curse words

alright so....we have "(naughty no clothes time) in (degenerate's name)...."

i don't know what the second word could be....damn.

alright, we obviously have the f word, but that's not 6 letters

what the bloody hell could it be



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2 hours ago, Warbucks said:

but for how long is the question..

Also, thanks Klei for working on a censorship fliter option, but still no news about an option to mute insanity sounds which physically assault my ears and no option to lower the insanity saturation effect which blinds me during winter causing severe damage all of the damage being physical by the way and having an actual effect on my body hurting me because you're not giving me options to get rid of the problems. Thanks for prioritizing people's feelings over people's physical well being, great priorities.

Speaking of feelings do you know how disturbed I become when I literally cannot play the game I paid for because my "online" world cannot be played offline? Do you know how unacceptable and problematic this is? I hope all these mandatory options and problems get added and fixed with the toddler filter option update.

Most of these are valid complaints, but I'm getting a pretty heavy "Let me speak to your manager" feel from how you wrote this.

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