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Soooo....what's this?

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Alright so i've seen this thing a bunch of times now, as I imagine most people have. I've been wondering what it is. Here is a pic (object circled in white)-


My wife thinks its the reflection of the sun/moon, which would make sense. She did point out that on top of the "reflection" remaining the same all day/dusk, it is shaded the same as the silhouettes of the fish under water.

While I have seen the object multiple times during the same boat trip before, we just saw it multiple times over an extremely short distance in drastically different positions-



(We both had rotated our screens, but note the objects position in relation to the Crockpot)

While I am slightly turning the boat in the first of those 2 pics, it was only very briefly and my course was more or less straight. If you note the day clock you will see the two screenshots happened very close together, and the objects were pretty much as close together as possible without appearing on screen together at the same time.

So what is it? I could accept it being the reflection of the sun I guess, with the possibility of a serious continuity error due to a simple programing mistake, or the difficulty of depicting the reflection of the sun on the water in game. But I feel like it is something else. What, I don't know, but it has been bugging me. Also we haven't tried fishing it yet.

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10 hours ago, secondbreakfastpip said:

It's a garbage pile, you can fish it up quite easily. They're basically like tumbleweeds but in the ocean, and more gross looking 

I would laugh if you could pull up an old worn out boot from that.

Classic Cartoon Fishing Scenario. no wait.. give it to WES that’s even better! (Kidding)

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