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What type of content are you most excited about?

What type of content are you most interested in?  

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  1. 1. What kinds of additional content are you most excited about?

    • Minor game tweaks (character refreshes and rebalancing)
    • Major game content (RoT, new bosses, etc)
    • Art and cosmetics (animations, shorts, skins)
    • Lore (in every shape or form)
    • Hidden puzzles (just for the challenge)

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ngl I'm kinda sick of hearing about balance changes (personally might I add); it just feels like that's all anyone talks about now days instead of wanting new content. To make matters worse, even when we discuss them, NO ONE can fully agree on anything so we start from scratch and we rinse and repeat in the next thread proposing them. I really would love for new events to pop up again, as it gave me a way to mess around on days I didn't want to survive (IE: I could just play the Forge for fighting-fun if I didn't want to continue base building).

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Honestly? even more so than new world content, the CHARACTER Refreshes.

why? Because more new world content is great and everything but a Characters abilities is Stuff you’ll use for 99.9% of your time while playing the game.

Obviously your biggest time sink should rightfully be what gets the most attention.

A new boss.. everyone keeps crying for a New boss, But then what? You’ll whine and cry for more once you’ve beaten it, just like you whine and cry now over Malbatross, Fuelweaver, Toadstool, Bee Queen Or any other completely optional boss battle.

Character Refreshes add more depth to a Characters personality, skills, and always come with cool new skins and Belongings themes around that character.

While I would be the first in line to vote for “Lots of Explorable Islands with unique Atmosphere, Weather & Mobs” The Overall heart and core of the entire game is time you spend playing as your character.

NOT how long you sit on Lunar Island staring at the pretty animations of Saladmander (though admit-ably they are quite adorable and I want one as a pet!) 

I am Hopeful that Wendy’s Refresh will bring Belongings skins for-

Abigails Flower, Maybe a New Head Garland, and defiantly TOMBSTONES.

Yes I want to craft my own freaking Tombstones.. because I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again-

“Me Likey Da Spooky!”

And if ANY Character in the entire game is ever going to be able to craft graves or befriend ghosts it HAS to be Wendy.

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2 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Lore and puzzles seem to go hand in hand.

Yes, but not necessarily. Some players may love the challenge of digging up lore by wrecking their brains on puzzles, while others may prefer receive it in less purposefully cryptic ways (shorts, gameplay content like new bosses, character quotes, etc...). Or, on the other hand, some players may enjoy solving puzzles that offer no lore whatsoever as a reward, maybe a skin or a simple "Congrats! U smart!" message.

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6 minutes ago, minespatch said:

Maybe Wendy can create a grave doghouse for her sibling?:wilson_ecstatic:

I was thinking more along the lines of making her a bit like Wurt, or Webber or Wilba where she can “Befriend” Ghost followers and have them follow her around. 

Instead of giving Abigail Insane DoT, you would need multiple ghost followers for both larger AoE & Damage.

However- Wendy would only be able to befriend ghosts if Abigail is ALIVE, so if Abigail isn’t with Wendy (or If Abby Dies In Battle) All the Ghosts become Hostile again.

Just in General- Wendy is supposed to be this Spooky little girl who has a ghostly sister, and isn’t afraid of ghosts.

So... Why SHOULDN’T she be able to befriend ghosts?

This doesnt change Wendy Too Much because her Core Gameplay still Centers around managing and Maintaining Abigail.. 

This just gives Wendy a more Unique Ghost based trait and I am hopeful this is what her Rework will be aiming at.

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I would love a way for WX to access the power stored in lightning rods.

I'm also interested in how the Webber refresh will play out. I used to play as him all the time, and honestly at this point I feel that farming spider mats is easier as literally anyone else. I was never big on using spiders as followers, and to draw spiders out during the day you need to strike the nest, obviously causing every spider inside to attack. Anyone else can simply touch the web, and from there you only need at the most 3 traps at a time. You can take down a T3 nest in under a minute easy.

The silk beard was nice at first, but its kinda gimmicky and doesn't really provide much silk overall. Producing spider eggs is alright, but I find it easier to monitor natural nests and take them down at T3 for relocation to a farm area.

Being able to eat monster meat is nice though.

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