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  1. Return of Them Status Update

    No problem at all, take your time! Thanks for the timely update, much appreciated!
  2. Maxwell's Lunacy levels

    I have noticed this too. I had started writing a bit about it before noticing the bug had already been reported, here's what I gathered, in case it can help. Puppets work normally on the island, they follow you on and off the boat (without the jumping animation of the characters, they just run on water lol). HOWEVER, summoning puppets, even if it caps your enlightenment at lower than max, does not diminish your enlightenment-induced dizziness (dunno how else to call it) STRAIGHT AWAY. It seems to work by 'percentages'. Example: I have full sanity/enlightenment, no puppets (sanity 200/200): I'm dizzy I summon one duelist (cost 70 sanity), my sanity is now 130/130 (100% of the sanity I can have after the cap): I'm just as dizzy as before I summon another duelist, therefore I have 60/60 sanity (still 100% of the sanity I can have after the new cap): I'm still dizzy like before. Now I dispel a duelist, my sanity is still 60 but the cap goes up to 130 (I now have 50-something% of the sanity I can possibly have): NOW I'm not dizzy!