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passive / automated farming - how long does it take for a crop to drop on its own?

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I have been surfing the web trying to find a concreat answer but answers seem to vary, and most of them might be outdated.

So im coming to the wise folk of this community seeking for an answer once and for all.

How much does it take a crop to drop its harvest? does it change depending on the plant? and if its wild or domestic?

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4 cycles after it's ready.


Very handy calculator here: https://oni-assistant.com/tools/foodcalculator

I use it all the time when building out my automated bases. Seems to match inline with what my dupes consume per cycle. 


Early on i do NOT recommend letting them drop, especially for domesticated plants. Keep harvesting. Your resources are limited and letting the plant spend 4 cycles wasting them can put you in a bad spot. But later on, knock yourself out. 

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