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[PUZZLE] Update "A little rain must fall"

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Hey guys,

Look what I found!

Some images from the video preview with clues. We have to put them together.


(104 PNG images - 67.17MB)

What I got so far.... It seems to be a creature and the radio in the film we've unlocked last time
Here's what I got so far with the red/orange/yellow portions.
Posted Image

It's a bit tough. The rest are white pieces, so I don't know how useful that will be.

Images into pieces


(104 PNG images - 702.35 KB)

So apparently I've been posting in the wrong thread? http://forums.kleientertainment.com/showthread.php?12021-The-Rain-Puzzle!/page3. So thanks for telling me, people... sigh...

anyways, here's all the images I found

Posted Image

And here's what I have so far...

Posted Image
I give up, I think i'm missing pieces and i can't find anymore fits. So heres what I had so far:

Posted Image

(Each clipping was its own image file so It was even harder to match them.)

Maybe some of this can help you finish faster Boba :p

I am SO CLOSE TO SOMETHING HERE... but I can't figure it out. I might be missing a few pieces.

Posted Image

And I have to go. You guys try to figure it out...

Edit: lol, the post above. We are so similar.

I'm around the same process but I need to stop it, else work will never be done. Too bad I love puzzles, I would LOVE to work on it more. I'm very curious what the finished picture will show.

I will stay here waiting.


I'm focussing on what I think is the Bishop chess piece(the little red guy being a Pawn),this is what I got so far..(Mind the pieces not looking smooth *_*)


Well, here's what I have. Some of it's probably wrong, but it's mostly come together - but what are they?

Posted Image

You have that RhinoBot thingy mostly right, decided might as well fix it :p


Posted Image

It's starting to get really tricky. I'll keep trying.

Catching up...
Posted Image

Moving a few things around...

Posted Image

I know that I'm missing a few pieces and that a few are in the wrong spot. But close enough?

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More coming as soon as Gimp stops being mean. I think I'm just going to have to use paint.

- - - Updated - - -

I got all of them. Uploading...

Oh. Well then...



I think I'm going to try and get as many as I can find too. Because one, I already started, and two, crosschecking. Also it's fun. :wilson_smile:

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