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  1. More winged enemies.

    it's still here.I don't know how to delete it.Somebody get over here already....
  2. More winged enemies.

    They come periodically with hounds but you can't just simply take them out like you can with hounds. You need a bow and arrow, or dart. It does more damage to flying enemies, but not much damage to walking enemies. You can also add a type of trap that can take out the winged beasts.EDIT: I dont know how but i managed to post this in roleplay. If it is possible, you can roleplay here while waiting for this to move out of here. I am sorry.
  3. living wood

    Yes. Good. Add it.
  4. Maybe if you go into ruins Bruce Springsteen will pop out and cry a dramatic tear
  5. maybe if you spin around with him enough times biebs will pop out and give you a kiss
  6. hello people

    Girl gamer? Pelontrix's favorite food. More delicious than a Wilson weave. Hide your kids hide your wife.
  7. Maxwell Q and A

    dapper?? I will show you dapper you punk!!!
  8. Maxwell Q and A

    You know what you little freak maxwell i will cut off all your toes
  9. Maxwell Q and A

    What is your favorite food maxwell.
  10. It's name isn't to be spoken of.We call it.... "D"
  11. 1 hit chops tree

    1 hit trees?All you gotta do is edit the game files...You can do that for anything you really find annoying.
  12. Wickerbottom broke my shadow manipulator. Make so much sense. - - - Updated - - - Wickerbottom broke my shadow manipulator. Make so much sense.
  13. Maybe you should find beaver woodie in a cave and you would have to slay him and then he becomes normal and withers away into dust...... and then you can play as him.
  14. If your on steam, you can press F12 to take a picture.You can also use prt sc to have a your screen copied to clipboard.