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  1. it's still here.I don't know how to delete it.Somebody get over here already....
  2. They come periodically with hounds but you can't just simply take them out like you can with hounds. You need a bow and arrow, or dart. It does more damage to flying enemies, but not much damage to walking enemies. You can also add a type of trap that can take out the winged beasts.EDIT: I dont know how but i managed to post this in roleplay. If it is possible, you can roleplay here while waiting for this to move out of here. I am sorry.
  3. Wickerbottom broke my shadow manipulator. Make so much sense. - - - Updated - - - Wickerbottom broke my shadow manipulator. Make so much sense.
  4. If your on steam, you can press F12 to take a picture.You can also use prt sc to have a your screen copied to clipboard.
  5. I am not a good drawerBut I am fabulous
  6. Wickerbottom should drop down and turn into bones.Cuz she so old
  7. I am imaging you clapped sarcastically.So get out.
  8. I started a world on day one,I heard this game was really fun,but soon after i was slain,so started up a new game,but i always keep on dieing,this game likes to watch me crying,got past day thirty five! I got past winter alive!oh wait i have no food,that gobbler ate it, he is so rude,and then I die of hunger,this is no fun no longer,oh what shall I do...Wait, this game has a forum to?And that is how I got here.
  9. Not alot of people heard of him, or see him. He comes usually near day 1000.They found ways to hide him in the code, kinda like a safe virus.It is a really crude drawing, and I tried to make it seem as scary as when he comes in game, but here is what I got.
  10. A character based off of my life, warner is a fast and resilient person, with a health of 200. With light punches, this guy can't beat a battle on his own. He can get away of any situation though, with his fast speed/high health.Like him? took me an hour to make him...
  11. Getting gold gives him more, taking it away makes him cray Cray! Brilliant!
  12. Edit: Changed him. up dere^
  13. WAYNE THE RICHPicking up gold gives more sanity, and he can use gold to pickup pigs.And he finds gold more often.Using golds make him insane.He just freaking loves the shiny stuff.
  14. I don't know what wilson had in that picture but I want some.
  15. [ATTACH=CONFIG]4147[/ATTACH]The need for weed is strong within this one.What, old people can still be cool.
  16. I tried fighting a tree guard on day 4 so I started burning it, then a pig started punching it and of course the pig died so it started walking into my house while still on fire and burned everything I had. I had 10+ berry bushes,stick thingys, and grass thingies. I am not sure if that is good but that is amazing by my standards.
  17. Yet for some reason I can't stop playing it, even though I haven't even got past day 10 yet.
  18. So you kill a friend? What if you need him? Your so dumb you put a circle in a square! You will die without him!
  19. ]I can never find flowers!Wtf is with people! They think this is easy but it really isn't!
  20. And if you run out of scary bugs? and what if use the rocks for more practical matters? oh but of course, your not practical. It is all about the muscles with you. You don't care about anything, or anyone else. That is why you will die alone and sad you stupid fool.
  21. How do I be aware to when things like hounds or tree guards appear? I always lose my log suit and/or my spear right before they come.
  22. Ha Ha Ha!Hey wolfgang, how do you expect to keep those muscles of your in a world with no workout equipment? Your gonna end up as weak as wes.
  23. lol I know I am terribleBut don't get me started on woman bashing.