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So, I've been working on how my Character would play out in DST but I'm a bit stumped on how to actually code it in. So, if anyone knows, Would you be so kind to reply and answer these:

  • How can I make the prototyping sanity gain smaller?
  • How do I animate with Spriter?
  • Is there a way I can make an event happen around my character? (Ex: My character is a set distance from something and one of his mechanics comes into play)



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Check out the builder component function UnlockRecipe- this is what gives the sanity to the player, so you'll want to do some hooking with it.

Spriter insofar as I know is like Flash.  I wish you luck with its use.

The most common way for the third thing is to create a periodic timer on the player in the server's master postinit callback.  You'd then poll for entities that you want with TheSim:FindEntities and turn on the feature if it is not turned on already.  Likewise if that fails then turn off the feature if it is not already.

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Ok, uh... so I am stumped right now because now I can't even playtest Wilhelm because of a bug in my speech file? image.thumb.png.81567708609fb0f0a7e31fa6fda5155f.png
I don't even know where I'm going wrong. because the last time i checked, it looked fine to me. 


I seriously need help.


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