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Found 6 results

  1. Ask the Me(na)!

    So... yeah... I "jumped on the bandwagon" and made my own ask me thread. Deal with it. Oh, and you can ask Lena, my shapeshifting doppelganger clone thing, questions too. "YAY! I'M INCLUDED!" Don't get used to it, Lena. RULES 1. Don't ask any questions that wouldn't be safe for young children. *glares at Weirdo and Mack* 2. If you want to ask Lena something, specify that you are doing so, or else I'll assume you're asking me. 3. Any questions asked here are meant for me, so please don't answer them yourself. (you can ask me if you can give an answer if you really want to.) I think that's about it. Let the questions begin!
  2. Because Pokemon

    Sooooooooooooo I like Pokemon. I just got this random idea to ask people questions about Pokemon so I could get to know them better... through Pokemon. You can answer any questions in as much or as little detail as you want, and you don't have to answer them all. #1: What is your favorite Pokemon? Eevee #2: Pokemon X or Y? Y, Yveltal's Oblivion Wing is AWESOME! #3: What was your starter in Pokemon X/Y? (If you didn't play X/Y you can chose a different gen.) Fenniken. #4: What's your favorite Eeveelution? Espeon. All the other Eeveelutions are dogs or foxes, but Espeon is like, "Forget this, I'm gonna be a cat!" It has ATTITUDE! SPUNK! I LOVE IT! #5: What was your first shiny? A ditto. I put a Drifblim into the GTS and someone gave me a shiny lv. 100 ditto. #6: Which was your first Pokemon game? My first and only Pokemon game so far is Y.
  3. This entry is not going to ask why my graphics are being spazzy, or how to unlock a certain item, but I'm wondering if someone who has something to do with the creation of this game could give me some answers. I feel the need to know some background information about a character before I get into a game. And all the games I've ever really played have an intro, which usually explains the game or whats going on, and Don't Starve does not. I get attached to some of the characters I play with and I feel like I can't get attached to Willow or Wilson, because I know nothing about them. (Aside from knowing he's a scientist that can grow a beard.) Thats nice to know, but I want to know so much more. When you start the game you get an screen with a few options, then a few more, and then your thrown into the game knowing nothing more than that some guy named Maxwell thinks you need to find some food. And maybe thats how the creators want it, they want you to feel like the charcter, completely cluless about your surroundings and situation. I just wish the characters had more of a bio. Or something that tells you whats happening. So here are some qustions I would like answered. - Who is Maxwell and why is he special? - Why did Maxwell put you here and not someone else? - Is this island hell or pugatory? - Is Maxwell **** or some demon that controls the island?If anyone agrees that its too vague please comment and give your opinion on my questions. And if you wonder other things please share. And if someone could tell me I would love to know.
  4. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Exploit] Platform [*]Steam Version Number 72968 Issue title Infinite Meat & Hound Pathing Steps to reproduce Get a stack of meat. Let it go stale or spoiled. Rapidly try to combine it with a fresh piece of meat and it will refresh both stacks to nearly full green. Hounds don't apply pathing correctly when trying to gather meat on the ground. Describe your issue Instead of taking an average, meat that is rapidly combined with a spoiling stack will continue to refresh itself. It would seem to need to be a full stack for this process to be able to work as an exploit instead of simply applying the average. Hounds still have pathing issues when meat is placed on the ground and they spawn in for attack.
  5. Tree walls?

    I hear other players talking about tree walls how do you make one I tried but mine always has gaps one can weave though
  6. So, I reached 45 days before I died; been getting progressively better since day one. So I've unlocked Wolfgang and I must say that I love him and Willow the most,.... so much love for them!! I've managed to get good at making some pretty impressive camps... however I keep having really bad luck with Fire hounds and they always manage to die near my twig hoard =___= -sigh- Any whoooooo~ I have a couple of questions and concerns if the forums would so kindly be able to help with. BEEHIVES: On any given map I have played on so far... I have only EVER found just 2 beehives; ( so in turn, only ever able to make 2 bee boxes) Do Beehives respawn, or can I eventually loot a honeycomb from my bee boxes? Are there ever more than just 2 or am I just really unlucky? FROGS: Do I get a naughtiness increase if I attack them after they have attacked me first?