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Lit workspace —> affects generator tuning and rec buildings? (Big Math Update with Testing - Dec 1 Post)

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I haven’t been able to test this but I’m hoping the community has more info. If I install lights in my power plants, will electrical engineers tune up generators 15% faster?  


Similarly, will dupes use jukeboxes or other rec buildings faster if the workspace is illuminated?




EDIT:  I did some additional testing and have gathered some numerical data. See my post below. 

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As a follow up I ran a quick test in sandbox mode and I can confirm that both jukeboxes and mechanical surfboards are used more quickly if the environment is illuminated. 


I tried with with a beach chair but it didn’t seem to matter. 

I don’t know how to make electrical eng dupes in sandbox or debug mode, however, so I don’t know how to test generator tuning. Anyone know how to edit dupe skill points?

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11 hours ago, Miravlix said:

I think toilet and sinks is included in the speed affected items.


This is true, and very helpful as well.  


Now, if only the tooltip had more clarity, or perhaps a UI change such as the progress bar changing colour, so we knew what exactly gets the speed buff. For instance, does it speed up construction?  That has a progress bar...

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One more big update for those with a mind for the math here:

TLDR:  15% bonus from lit workspace is additive, not multiplicative.  This means if a dupe would take 100 seconds to do a task, they will take 87 seconds to do it in a lit environment.   In other words, dupes work 15% faster; the task doesn't take 15% less time... clear right? 

Numerically this means:

Time = 100/(1 + 0.15) = 87 seconds --> additive effect is what is seen


Time = 100(0.85) = 85 seconds --> multiplicative effect is not seen

So, the buff is not as powerful as it appears, but still is meaningful!

Detailed Info

My testing shows that the buff from the Lit Workspace (+15% speed) adds to dupe work speed rather than reducing task time from a baseline value.

Test Details

I created a sandbox scenario.  Duplicants were locked in separate Power Plant rooms.  Each contained a Power Control Station, a Hydrogen Generator attached to a smart battery (10% low, 90% high automation).  All generators were supplied with gas from an external source.  A pneumatic door was placed, separating the dupes from the generators.  Dupes were allowed to fabricate a microchip, but they could not "tune up" the generator until I allowed door access.

3 Dupes were used.  First one had +4 Machinery (+2 and +2 from skills learned to become an electrical engineer).  This dupe worked in a no-light room.

Second dupe also had +4 Machinery from skill selections.  This dupe worked under ceiling lights as they tuned up the generator.

Third dupe had +14 machinery (+10 from character creation --> Sole interest Operating + Grease Monkey, and another +4 from skills).  This dupe worked in a lit environment.


I allowed each dupe to tune up their generator and timed them. 

Control Dupe (+4 machinery, darkness) - 129 seconds

Lit Space Dupe (+4 machinery, light) - 116 seconds

Super Dupe (+14 machinery, light) - 70 seconds.


Playing around with the numbers I determined the formula for operation time. 

Let T = final task time, x = original task time, d = dupe skill (as a decimal), and L = light buff as a decimal:

T = x/(1 + d + L)

So, for the dupe in darkness -->   129 seconds = x/(1 + 0.4)   -->  x = 180 seconds (3 minutes of tinkering with zero skill, but this is impossible)

Dupe in light --> 116 seconds = x/(1 + 0.4 + 0.15) --->  x again is 180 seconds in this formula, confirming that the structure of the equation is correct.

Test case:  Super Dupe with +14 machinery -->  check formula by calculating T -->    T = (180 seconds)/(1 + 1.4 + 0.15) = 180/1.55 = 70.6 seconds. 

The predicted time is very close to my measured time, further confirming that this dupe was working at an effective 155% speed versus 140% speed. 


Since the working speed is buffed, the buff is most effective on dupes who have low speed of task completion.  For the example of generator tuning, a zero-skill dupe would require 180 seconds, but in light would require 156.5 seconds.  This is a 23.5 seconds savings.

However, a highly skilled dupe (+14 skill or 140% tinker speed) would require 75 seconds in darkness or 70.6 seconds in light.  The light only reduces the time by 4.5 additional seconds.  Proportionally, the skilled dupe benefits LESS from the lit workspace buff.

So, for tasks where all dupes are equally slow (bathrooms/sinks/recreation), lighting benefits everyone!  For specialized tasks done only by skilled Dupes, the buff is still helpful but perhaps not so significantly. 

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Nice work @ChrisPBacon000.

Do we have a list of which structures are and are not affected by light?

From what I've seen, every building that is based off of a skill and has a progress bar is affected by light, but there are some inconsistencies. Examples are all the cooking, engineer tune-up, and science based machines are all affected by lit workspace, but bathrooms and jukeboxes are an odd one. Grooming stations seems another odd one, because I don't think the groom speed is affected by skill level or light, only the duration of the groomed buff on the critter.

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22 hours ago, crypticorb said:

Examples are all the cooking, engineer tune-up, and science based machines are all affected by lit workspace, but bathrooms and jukeboxes are an odd one.

All those have progress bars, and they are all affected. What's odd here?

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14 hours ago, nakomaru said:

All those have progress bars, and they are all affected. What's odd here?

Jukeboxes and bathrooms don't have any skill that affects their operation speed, like research, building, and tune-ups do. It's inconsistent, and then there's the new recreation buildings like the wind tunnel and surfboard, which have changes in animation based on athletics, but are not affected by light.

It would be nice to have a list of all duplicant intractable structures that are and are not affected by lit work space.

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