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Scientific article covers ONI like future

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I read in a scientific article today:

"[M]odern science might enable us to construct printers that are capable of mass-producing copies of ourselves on other planets by merely exporting our genetic blueprint without requiring that our bodies will physically travel the distance."

Definitely sounds like ONI to me. ONI is a great game, and one thing I think makes it great is how Klei draws on real science and real possibilities. Granted concessions are made to make the game fun and entertaining, but the underlying premise is always there.

Full article:



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Let's see. So we *completely* map a person's DNA down to the individual alleles. Then we somehow have transported a biological printer to a distant planet, somehow within a reasonable timeframe. Then we print a person at that location.

Ending up with an empty vessel (memories and knowledge aren't encoded in DNA after all), which then also quickly dies due to temp, atmosphere, radiation, etc long before it starves to death.

Hmm, seems like a great idea to me. 

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