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The Fryer - A fast dupe-based alert system

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I give you ** The Fryer **

A fast dupe-based alert system

After a series of cruel careful experiments, this monstrous great device is finally a reality!

Reacts within a few seconds of in game time and raises a general audible alert. In addition, you get a "Made a mess" signal every cycle to indicate your alert device is still operational! After some use you either have let the victim highly valued alert expert dupe out to recover in a med-bed or remove the steaming corpse do some minor cleanup and add another clueless victim heroic volunteer.

On the left, preheated air is stored. When the pump is activated, the dupe is fried subjected to the warm air and reminded of its mortality.

Food needs to be good enough that the dupe does not go into a stress-reaction. A low-skill moron highly specialized dupe works best. The door is set so that the sacrifice expert dupe can get in but not out and all others can pass freely. The pump serves as cheap efficient toilet replacement. Temperature sensor is set to 250C. Pump, heater and vents are steel. As the heater can only go to 75C, it needs to be pulsed in order to reach higher temperatures. This is done by an "on" time of 0.8 seconds and an "off" time of 0.1 seconds.

Real view, automation view, gas-pipe view:  (Don't worry, Harold is just sleeping here...)


Payload view:


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I am not entirely sure on when to use this magnificent device.

Do I understand it correct if it control the temperature so that it doesn´t get to hot?

If that is the case - wouldn´t a motion control sensor be in it´s place - then you could automatically shut of the warming for some time when the warning signal have run? It would also ensure that nothing bad happens when the device needs an update.

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5 hours ago, Ellilea said:

But... what's the actual purpose? :D

If you activate the pump, you get an alert about a dupe being scalded within 10 second or so. If you have some critical function you need to monitor, this gives you a global alert capability. Essentially, it is a big red light and a bell ;)


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