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  1. What most likely happened was that originally they used the correct material properties but then had to change certain values to prevent the game from being broke.
  2. They listened to us. This changes everything.
  3. I agree, it is extremely annoying. Luckily, with the introduction of the conveyor thermo sensor, we can somewhat work around it.
  4. Love the new artwork. It is far more intuitive and newbie-friendly for people who don't know anything about logic operations.
  5. Pretty much, steam turbine power goes from 850 -> 1275. This means the steam turbine needs to be tuned up 82% of the time. This is assuming that a tuned up steam turbine doesn't need to consume 50% more heat for the duration of the tune up.
  6. You're forgetting a very important game changer. Steam turbine are tuneable now.
  7. I feel like some of the stuff is fairly high tiered. The beach chair gives +8 morale already.
  8. Metal tiles made out of lead should give lead poisoning. That would be a fun thing to see.