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  1. Tilde is actually the SHIFT modifier on the Backtick key, so I believe these are the relevant binds you are looking for. That being said, I have found that activating the debug tools, even if you don't use them, sets the "debugWasUsed" flag and disables Steam achievements. So I've ended up changing the bind to activate debug tools from Backspace to CTRL Backspace.
  2. I really was hoping for a "return to last selected build order" hotkey in the next patch. Was the "repaired bunker doors, until they are cycled, let comets through " bug fixed?
  3. Puft princes can produce all 3 puft subtype products, depending on what they breathe. Not a bug.
  4. I'm on linux and the tut vid was also black for me.
  5. Yeah, did you take a look at the light overlay? Or look at your bugs. I'm pretty sure they are glum.
  6. This is as intended I believe. Voles wouldn't be worth bothering with if they gave any less because they are quite troublesome.
  7. I'm constantly running into an issue where when dupes are building something and then switch to a different task or go on break the building never gets complete. I come back to it later and I'm like "why isn't this done yet", and when I click on it and go to errands there is nothing, when I cancel it the supplied building materials appear and fall to the ground.
  8. I have observed this behavior as well, with and without the NOT gate