Assuming Klei reads this, would y'all be willing to answer a couple things about Shank 2?

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Bluedoom57    2

I've sort of recently rediscovered my love for Shank 2, and have been off and on playing around with some things. I used to be a speedrunner of the game (Still hold the World Record in fact), and perhaps due to that I've discovered a lot of neat little things about this game. And as a lover of potentially pointless data, I spent a good chunk of time *also* figuring out damage and HP values of various weapons and enemies respectively.

Because of this spark in interest, I was curious if the devs (Assuming they read this forum at all anymore) would be interested in perhaps answering a couple curious questions I had about some of the deeper, more unseen parts of the game that I found genuinely really interesting! I won't be asking for like, a full source code or anything like that, and I can take 'no' for an answer if the questions aren't something y'all can answer. 

If y'all are interested in at least hearing the questions, I'd be happy to reply with them!

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