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Found 11 results

  1. This has been a project that I've been working on a little bit here and there, but I'm slowly working on getting as much in-game data as I can! This is a list that is intended to include primarily health and damage values, but more can be added as it's uncovered. Note that it's not a perfect list, it's very incomplete, and I'm sure at least one or two things will be inaccurrate, but I do my best. If anyone decides to look into this stuff for themselves, I'd love to hear your discoveries and add it to the list! And if there are any suggestions on what I can look for next, I would be happy to hear that as well! Any and all information is welcome!
  2. Shank 2 tricks and bugs!

    Before I start, if there are any questions on how these things work or how to perform them, or you have questions on their application or have ideas on where they could be used, please feel free to share, as any and all feedback helps to make this worth doing! This is just to try to offer an overview for some of the tricks and glitches that are used within the realm of Shank 2 speedrunning. A number of these have practical uses outside of speedrunning as well, but may go unrealized by newer or more casual players. This doesn't include every combo or strategy for individual levels, but is more of an overview of general tricks that can be used. Grapples for speed: You see both characters making use of grappling after a jump as they make their way through the stages. This is done because: The jump increases your speed through the level, and the grapple offers forward momentum, as well as a quick way down to the ground so you can jump again. For this reason, they're chained together as much as possible to give the maximum amount of speed. The exception is up inclines, where simply jumping is faster. Animation cancelling: You'll often see someone jumping when they're picking up a healing item or weapon, or activating switches. This is because it's possible to carry over the effects of the item you're picking up *into* a jump animation. This is most prevalent with healing items, where you effectively skip the animation and continue your momentum forward. Dodge cancelling: Allows the cancelling of attacks into a dodge. This is primarily done in mid-air, and it's main use is achieving a *second* mid-air attack. The best example is with the shotgun; If you shoot in midair, you normally have to fall a distance before you can shoot again. But if you dodge *immediately* after shooting, you can shoot a second time immediately. Only one dodge can be done in mid-air under normal circumstances. This can also be utilized with a mid-air grapple, which allows you to chain two of them together and get a slight boost in horizontal distance! Dodge climbing: When you jump at a wall or run towards it, you can initiate a running animation a short distance up the wall. On normal, climbable walls, you'll then enter a slow climbing animation, but on *some* walls, you can't climb past that initial run. If you, however, jump off the wall, do a midair dodge, and maneuver back onto the wall you jumped from, you can gain another vertical wallrun. The most applicable spot for this trick is towards the end of stage 7, where you can skip multiple fights by simply climbing over the building, which is normally impossible. Pistol hovering: When using the horizontal attack with the pistols in mid-air (Holding left or right and shooting), Shank loses a *huge* amount of his vertical velocity, while continuing to the left or the right as long as he's shooting, with the only major drop being when he reloads. The primary use of this trick is in Stage 3, where it's used above a zipline to skip an entire fight and save a bit of time. Grenade hovering: While not utilized in the speedrun, this glitch effectively allows the player to fly over huge sections of the game. When in mid-air, throwing a grenade gives the character a small amount of upwards momentum. Due to (Presumably?) an oversight, if you grapple in mid-air after throwing a grenade, the game "Forgets" That you've already tried throwing a grenade in mid-air, allowing you to throw one again. These two actions can be chained together repeatedly and, if done correctly, can cause the character to gain an increasing amount of height. This trick is difficult to perform consistently, as the grapple needs to be done *frames* after the grenade is thrown, or else the grenade is lost. If there's too much time between the grapple and the grenade, as well, you will *lose* height. Area skipping: When initiating a battle screen, the player will find themselves "Locked" into a certain area until every enemy (Or every *important* enemy) is killed. In certain circumstances, however, it's possible to "Skip" these areas, however the means for doing so depends on the individual fight. The most pertinent example is at the start of stage 1; as you step off the bus, you're normally locked into fighting a few enemies before you can proceed, but if you start the fight, and then walk all the way to the left (Where you came out of the bus), you'll find you're able to just walk right past the fight as though you've already beaten it, saving a small amount of time. Crate skip: This is specific to Stage 6 (Corina's stage). Normally, you have to do a long fight in order to unlock a crate container that leads you up to the boss. However, there are oddly placed "Ledges" to the left side of the screen that can be stood on via a dodge cancel with two grapples. With a very specific jump upwards, to the right a little bit, and then to the left, you can climb onto another oddly placed "Ledge". From here, you can jump into the area for the stage's boss. This moves the checkpoint to the boss arena, as well as kills you, meaning you spawn in the boss room, saving a huge amount of time compared to doing the crates. Super Grapple: Very little is known about this very obscure glitch, but I figured it was worth at least mentioning. Occasionally, a long-grapple will cause a Super Grapple to happen, this is a grapple that causes the character to fly to *extreme* distances, and heights, that they normally would not be able to grapple to. As an interesting aside, an unintentional super grapple is how the "Crate Skip" in stage 6 was discovered to be possible. The current method for it came later. Grenade Grapple: Not to be confused with Grenade Hovering, "Grenade Grapple" refers to pressing the grenade button while grappling an enemy. If grappling them in an upright position, the character will use a special animation using a grenade. Used with either a grenade or a mine, this grapple will instantly kill any enemy. A molotov will not.
  3. Shank 2 Mac OSX crash

    Very excited that Shank 2 is finally playable for Mac! Got the game in the Humble Bundle and was waiting for it to finally be playable!... and then I couldn't play it... :frown:I can start the game fine, but whenever I choose a Difficulty in Campaign mode or try to start Survival Mode, it crashes...Other people on Steam seem to be having the same problem, too...My iMac also seems to meet all the requirements, so I'm kinda stumped.Any chance I can get some help? I've attached the crash report...Thanks! Shank 2 crash.txt
  4. Hi guys,I'm looking to trade these items. The Civilization V key is from GMG and their XCOM promo, remember the game is Steamworks, so there will no issues with it.
  5. Shank 2

    Thanks for the reaction.Just after I tried Shank 2 I also started playing some Red Faction Armageddon, and that game has also some sound problems in Windows 8. But those are the only two examples I can think of, most of the time it are network problems, or problems with full screen or alt-tabbing.But since there are no other threads I think this is a fairly unique problem (there must be more people playing Shank 2 on Windows 8).
  6. Shank 2- Humble Bundle- Windows: Save Bug

    This is it!!! I've seen plenty of people having this same problem with the game, and I was about to deicde never to play it again, I was so frustrated.For anyone having this problem under Windows x64, this will fix it! Just download any savegame file (the link here is dead, but I found one somewhere else), copy it to the directory above, and the game will recognize it. Then you can just hit 'clear save data' in the options menu from the title screen, and bam. You can finally reboot your game without losing all your data.Thank you so much for figuring this out! Now I can actually play the game.
  7. Shank 2 for Mac?

    When will Shank 2 be available for Mac on Steam?
  8. Shank 2 linux gamepad

    I've been able to get this to (mostly) work, though it took some trickery.Go into the control settings (About & Settings -> Controls) click on the "Next" icon in the upper right, when it shows you the keyboard controls. It should take you to a different panel that has the controls for your joystick. The (failing) expected behavior is that I should be able to select an item, then press the button I want to bind to it, and it should accept that button. The actual behavior is that when I select an item, it automatically jumps to "DPad 0 Up"The workaround is:On the each item, hold down the NEW button you want to bind, then click the item, then release the button. So if I wanted to bind "Dodge Left" with the "Left bumper" button on my Saitek gamepad, I would hold Left Bumper first, then click on "Dodge Left", then release the Left Bumper. Doing "Up" and "Down" are a little trickier: For DOWN, go to the item immediately above "Look Up" (I think it's "Move Right"), press and hold the DOWN button on your gamepad, then click on "Down", and release. For UP, do the same thing, but from below (or, if you have the buggy behavior, just select the item and press nothing, it will select it by default).I wish there was a way to do key combinations for this -- I have 11 buttons on my Saitek gamepad (it's a near-PS2 clone) and that's 1 too few to match all the bindings.ALSO -- The game does not correctly save my keybindings on exit. I've checked in ~/.klei/shank2/users/ -- and there is a "settings.sav" file, but it is a binary dump (which I found a little strange, given that the graphics are a textual ini file that I can edit).
  9. Shank 2 Linux - last level bug

    After last update(2013-01-05) at the last level Shunk can not go on and jump off the stairs.
  10. Shank 2 on Linux - Survival Mode bug

    After last update I can't play a single player in survival mode.
  11. Bug Submission Please choose a category [Gameplay] Platform Steam Version Number 4.2.0 Issue title Krampus Won't Die Steps to reproduce I was too "naughty" (killed sufficient amount of rabbits) and Krampus spawned, I ran back to camp (during dusk) and placed a bee mine inbetween him and my camp, he stepped on the mine (it was now night) and was attacked by bees, he killed off 3 bees and then proceded to fight with the last remaining bee near a burnt tree (medium in size) I noticed that the bee would hit him and he would not hit back- So i stepped in (it was now morning) And i proceeded to hit him with a spear (27% durability remaining) and the spaer broke before he died, I then constructed another spear, and doled out 57% of its duability onto him before I figured something was really wrong. Describe your issue My issue here is that Krampus won't die after taking a total of 84% of a spaers durability in hits and 3 bees from one bee mine. This is what i believe to be a good description of what i was doing at the time (as mentioned before) "I was too "naughty" (killed sufficient amount of rabbits) and Krampus spawned, I ran back to my camp (during dusk) and placed a bee mine between him and my camp, he stepped on the mine (it was now night) and was attacked by bees, he killed off 3 bees and then proceded to fight with the last remaining bee near a burnt tree (medium in size) within the light radius of my camp fire: I noticed that the bee would hit him and he would not hit back- So i stepped in (it was now morning) And i proceeded to hit him with a spear (27% durability remaining) and the spaer broke before he died, I then constructed another spear, and doled out 57% of its duability onto him before I figured something was really wrong. I then lit a fire underneath him to attempt to kill him, but it had no effect"